Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ruffles & Bows Baby Shower Decor

I am just so excited today because I get to share GOD BABY's RUFFLES & BOWS SHOWER DECOR!

The entrance.
I purchased the wreath from Michael's and made a quick pennant banner with card stock, ribbon and scrapbooking stickers.  I just love it!

The Photo Booth.

I'll share the tutorial on Monday for HOW I created the ruffles. My original goal was to cover the wall with ruffles but, in addition to the one pictured below, I used brown paper as a background for the ruffles and I didn't like how it looked once it was hanging SO I used pink wrapping paper (from the Target dollar bin) to frame the stripe of ruffles.

Remember my props I ordered from here?  I printed them on regular paper, glued them to poster board and used kabob sticks and small dowels I had on hand.  I purchased some top-quality clearance cardstock from Michael's and covered the backs of props with pink and white textured paper to give them a polished look(the little things, I tellya).  OMG!  I even used my basic bow tutorial to create a photo prop of my own.  

For more info on that little photo prop ruffle bucket, click here.

Guest Book Table.

Can you see my helper assigning sparkles their location on the table during set-up? As she gets older, Munch is turning into such a little party planner. She knows more party etiquette than most adults and it's so funny to hear her "plan" events like going shopping and playdates.  Anyhoo...

Floor-length linen, a satin overlay, a tall pom arrangement and the fab little diva piggy bank guest book - all elements that made for a great focal point when guests arrived. 

Bow Station.

I created an area for guests to make hair bows for God baby.  I wanted it to feel very girly so I focused on little details.  Vinyl frames and a pink zebra C were hung on the wall.  I used some of my thrifty bowls to hold supplies.  Pretty ribbons created a "table runner" and the turquoise and pink mini glue guns? Just a coincidental bonus :)

The cute pink dress form was a Ross purchase for $17 and its wire frame makes the perfect hair clip holder.  It even has HOOKS for headbands!  As baby girl grows, she can use it for its original intent, a jewelry holder. 

Can you see how the thrifty frame turned bow holder tied it all together? LOVES!

Right before the shower started, I used scraps to create this little frame:

The top ruffle is leftover from our photo booth bucket, the center is a leftover favor tag, the zebra paper is leftover from the 'C' on the wall and the bottom bow is an old scrapbooking sticker.  We will probably remove the center tag and use the paper, ruffle and bow as a mock photo mat for baby's nursery.  Speaking of small frames:

Rather than have cloth towels in the bathroom for guests, I used more scraps to create a small frame with another favor tag.  The tags read, "Thanks for making today faBOWlous - The Moore Family 7.28.2012"

I used Microsoft Word to design them and I can't wait to show you how; it's SO easy.  Most of them were on the favor bags but we'll talk more about them tomorrow:

Drink Station.

I used 1 of my Walmart drink dispensers to serve up an easy pink lemonade.  Store-bought lemonade and pink lemonade mixed with fresh lemon slices gave the homemade appearance without all the fuss:

Guests loved the paper straws.  They were like functional decor, lol.  Luckily, I got 50 for $2.99 and you can BET I ordered enough for Munch's birthday party.  Thank you, Pick Your Plum:

Gift Table Clothesline.

I created a clothesline on the fireplace above the gift table.  I used 2 large satin pink bows to cover the Command Hooks.  Can I just say Command Hooks made it so EASY to hang the clothes without the worry of the weight pulling them down?  I LOVE them.

The clothesline string is actually Bunny Tail yarn (purchased from Michael's).  It comes with these adorable little poms and made for a quick and easy decor element. I hung it on windows and they really unified the space.

Other decor.

 This is one of my favorite pictures from the shower:

Can you see the hair station buffet in the background? How cute, right?  That happy little hippo was one of my favorite thrifty finds (on clearance for $3.50 but $30 retail? CRAZY).  She overlooked the food buffet and will also make a fun and whimsy nursery decor piece.

Things that didn't happen:
-  I didn't get a picture of the large pink chalkboard frame with sonogram pictures - shucks

- I didn't get to make floral arrangements - nobody noticed

- I didn't get a pretty pic of the gift table before they started opening gifts - ah well

Even with the did NOTs, I think this shower was absolutely fabulous.  Mommy- and Daddy-to-be were very happy with everything, guests loved the decor elements, we all had a good time and THAT's all that matters.

Tune in tomorrow to discuss the food and the fun (games/activities) of the shower; you won't be disappointed!  Here's a sneak peek of the dessert display:
Isn't she lovely? Can you see the window's bunny tail yarn?
See you tomorrow with some of the best PARTS of the shower :)


  1. it all looks so nice! I love the wreath! Good job!

  2. WOW! You are so creative. I love the decor! Looking forward to tomorrow's post!

  3. Awesome decoration..I love the way you decorate this.It consist some nice ideas.Pooh baby shower


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