Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rock Star Party - The Black Out.

I've mentioned my funk and the added stressors and the kid's weird wanna-be teen phase and, well, you *totally* get me when I say there's some thangs going on in my head...  By way of update, I'm doing much better - crossing things off the party list, involving Hubss in the planning, accepting [some] help from people... things are on the up and up.  You'll see more soon enough.

I'm finally alleviating stress but it hasn't always been like this.  Earlier in the process it seemed stress was piling up...
Have I told you the man is on travel most of 'party week' returning in time to celebrate our anniversary and the kid's birthday.  We recently got word that he may even have to work day-of until two hours before the party. 

I shot him a death glare when he shared this news, he responded with a shrug and, "I mean, you don't want my help anyway.  Well, I'm not typically much help... you know, I would but... well, it is work?"

::silence and blank stare from me::

"... I'll see if I can get out of it or something, ok babe?"

::no words just going back to what I was doing::

Really, dude? You better do something.

Anyhoo, I felt myself slipping out of my funk as it relates to the birthday party when an idea hit me.

A pinata.

No, not that kind, silly! I was going to make my own.  I know...  SO me, right?  Remember the Minnie Mouse pinata?

... or the easy Minecraft pinata?

Making a pinata is SO something I would do, right?  See, the funk is lifting.  Wait, did I just type funk and lifting in the same sentence?!  That is so gross... sounds like when the man has gas and he tries to cover my head with the covers.  Bad visual [worse memories], I'm sorry.

I had a vision of a disco ball pinata and I actually found several inspiration images on Google:

My vision was slightly different and somewhat less labor intensive.  Rather than paper mache, I planned to purchase a paper lantern and use it as a my "pinata."  I'd cover the bottom hole with a few sheets of lightweight tissue paper and the sides with large sequins.  It would reflect party lights in the dance room, cost a fraction of the price and be another party activity.

On a shopping trip to Target, I pulled one of their lanterns down as I excitedly described my idea to Munch.  Islanders, in a pinatas-are-for-babies way, she stared at me.  BLANK stare.

"A pinata..."  ::blank stare and a lip twist:: "... o. ok." - Munch

I bought the lantern but definitely peeped the 'tude.

Later that night, Hubbs got the Lego movie and he was baking cookies for us to munch on while we watched.  Munch and I were pulling the craft supplies out so as to get things done for this party.  I pull out the lantern and the brat says, "hm."  I shoot her look.  "...you're gon' really have a piñata?"

The plate of cookies thumps onto the table and the man flops on the floor just as I started my response,

"Looka here, I want you to give me a reason to CANCEL this party.  You hear me?!"  *flattens lantern and puts it back in the package* "you know what? I'm taking this (holds package up and points) back to the doggone store!"

She starts to beg, "NO MOMMY NO MOMMY NO MOMMY!"

"Nah, nah.  NO! I'm taking it BACK. Do you THINK I WANT to spend my time hot gluing roughly 250 sequins to a lantern just so you and your raggedy friends can tear it apart?!  Do you think I HAVE to do what I do?  You do, don'tcha?  You seem to take for granted what these parties require! You seem to think I OWE YOU SOMETHING.  I don't OWE you a THANG, little girl!  I can easily take all this back, go get some streamers and plastic tablecloths from the Dollar Store and call it a party.  I don't HAVE to get you fancy birthday cakes, I can get you a $15 sheet cake and CALL IT A CAKE.  I can have some doggone $1 goodie toys and call them a FAVOR. I don't HAVE to give my TIME, my MONEY, my TALENT or my ENERGY. I don't have to cook a balanced meal for you and your daddy everyday. I can slop some Spam in a pan and CALL IT A MEAL. I don't have to make you hair bows for your outfits or comb your hair like I do. I can slap it up in a puff and call it a day.  I don't have to go ABOVE and BEYOND for nobody but ME.  I do it because I LOVE YOU.  People LOVE YOU.  So, here's what we're going to do.  Everytime I talk about the party, if you LOOK or BREATHE or make me FEEL like you have a problem, I will NOT do that party element... ARE WE CLEAR?!"

Before she could respond, I continued.

*in a perfect angelic voice* "So, I'm about to test this light show boom box for the party that your gramma Lisa bought...  She paid a LOT of money for it.  What do you think about THAT?"

*silence and big eyes from her and her daddy*

"I think it's nice, Mommy."

*continuing in a perfect angelic voice* "O, GOOD.  That's GOOD. Anything else you want to say to me?"

*silence and big eyes from her and her daddy*

"Thank you , mommy."

*hand on chest, angelic voice still on* "O, you're welcome, ZION.  Now, Brian, go turn the lights off please."

Music on.  Light show started playing along to the beat.  It was FABULOUS.

Hubbs jumped up and lightened the mood by dancing around the room until both of his girls were giggling.

I didn't go to jail but my to-do list just shortened itself.  There will be NO pinata. 


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  1. This had me rolling! You're an awesome mom.


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