Thursday, August 7, 2014

Birthday Party Update - Added Pressures

Unlike in the past, Munchface's birthday party is surrounded by a different set of stressors this year.  In years prior, I had the stress of planning decor for a venue and a window of time day-of to decorate... I had to ensure I had every supply and a solution for every potential issue that may arise. I had to pack my car for the party well in advance and account for time spent driving around to pick-up things from vendors before decorating.  I mean, her parties have always been hosted at 11:00 a.m.  Early parties mean REALLY early mornings and REALLY late nights.  I had to account for time to get... O, I don't know, a SHOWER?!

I just knew this whole hosting an event at our place later in the day would eliminate all stress.

Nope.  It's created a new kind of stress.  Sure, I have to figure out how to make the event flow and how to focus decor so I don't bust the budget trying to decorate my entire house.  All of that is an understood stress when hosting an event at a residence...  I'm okay with those challenges but there's even more with this party.

We spoke about my fink fank FUNK the other day (more here).  I'm just not motivated to execute an event AND the basement (where the kids will party for the most part) has an ugly little patch of carpet.  Again, I'm sure I will pull it together but, just so you can see (and maybe relate), I've listed my top stressors below:

- House Guests - I have this love-hate with house guests... I love hosting people and having them over but I hate the interruption to my regular life their stuff can cause.  Our little family has a routine.  The man and child know my psycho tendencies for the most part... Like, how I vacuum my way OUT of a room and won't allow anyone in until I fully get to enjoy the perfect streaks on my carpet.  How I give the DEATH stare to the person who puts the first dirty dish in my empty sink... How I HATE when people hang coats and purses on my kitchen chairs!  All of these things are part of me and are out of the window when we have house guests. I have this awful vision of having everything perfectly laid for the event and snappin' on my mom-in-law for walking in and putting her purse on my chair right before the party starts... I just DON'T want that to happen, lol.

- First Timers - Most of the people close to us have been to the new place.  Some of the people coming for the party will be visiting for the first time.  No biggie BUT one guest in particular adds a little pressure - Hubbs' DAD is coming.  We haven't seen him since Munch's first birthday party and he has called to confirm that he will be in attendance at the birthday party.  We're all fam so there won't be any formal tours or anything... just roam around.  OMG! They could open my medicine cabinets. I've got to dust under my bathroom sinks.  O and fold every STITCH of laundry... Can you sense where my mind will go with this?  My to do list for the house can outweigh the list for the party.

- The brat.  She is in this awkward phase where she wants to grow-up.  Lately, she's been talking about how she can't wait until she's 15... "because it's not TOO old but I can ride go carts by myself AND go places with my friends."  Gone are the days where she wants to rock a tutu on her birthday.  I'm struggling with the realization my kid is growing up.  UGH.  This is a BIG kid party theme.  DANCING IN MY BASEMENT? What's next? SOLO cups and beer pong?  Get outta here.  I admit I want a 'Tutu 2 Cute' themed second birthday party... or a 'Little Miss' third par-tea.  This whole "I'm So Fancy" dance routine and her idea to have a You Got Served danceoff with team captains is like a shock to my system.  BRB, I feel sick.

 - Me.  What if I'm still in a funk day-of the party?  What if I'm not back to my bubbly self?  What if I just can't shake it?  I'll be there.  It'll get done but what if I'm not present and in the moment?  What if my father-in-law doesn't get to see the real me.  I'm not a fake person so what if this is the REAL me?

UGH.  Double UGH.

- The food.  The man bought a grill awhile back.  He's gotten better with this whole grilling out thing and he's made some great food.  There's still this uneasiness that I'll bite into a piece of grilled chicken and it'll be pink.  ::GAG:: what if everyone gets food poisoning because they ate pink chicken at the birthday party?

OK OK OK, I know. That went a little too far, I know.  People won't get food poisoning and I've done lots of forward planning but... still!  Despite my fink fank FUNK, I did design the invitations and I think they turned out awesome:

Highlights of the design include:

The Venue: The Keese Dance Floor

"Whether coming from near or from far,
We hope you can party with our little rock star!"

To reserve your backstage pass, text Mom


The green in the photo is the pack of envelopes we chose for the invites. I embellished each invitation with a Star sequins over the -I in Zion.  O and yes, I did say LITTLE rock star. 

Just a little mommy moment that I needed to have, thankyouverykindlymuch.

I was concerned they wouldn't turnout the way I envisioned. I thought of mailing VIP passes or tickets... Then, I realized I wanted to keep it clean and simple and have fun with the verbiage... What's that? O, thankya!  Ya know.  You're right.  They are kinda fab, huh?  I guess I shouldn't doubt myself.

This party is going to be fine.  I (my talent, my gifts, my labors of love) AM ENOUGH.

O and the invite is the perfect segue into the post about designing your own flyers and printables. 

Can you tell that I'm back at it, Islanders?  Get ready!


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