Thursday, August 14, 2014

Rock Star Party - Spraypaint Projects

Yesterday's Wordless Wednesday post was a quick update of party progress.

I've been setting up various items for the party and I'm getting excited just seeing the progress.  I visited our local Party City in search of rockin' party supplies and hit a road block.  They didn't have the right colors :(

There's a party collection that's pink, black, purple and turquoise... which is cute but NOT the colors of our NEON party.  It also has the ONE color Munch isn't a huge fan of for the party - pink.  In her words, "Mommy, whenever you think pink, put purple.  I only want a little pink"

O and you have to squint your eyes and pinch your fingers to show just how LITTLE you want the pink.

The rock star party collection is primarily pink with a little purple.  I googled other girl rock star parties and they're all pretty much the same color combo.  If I wanted the right decor for this party, I was going to have to make it.

I'm okay with that.  Let's start with the basics

I found some cute guitars in the thrift store for $1.  I bought three.  Yes, three.  They're all different.  One, a paper jamz guitar, will be used for the buffet table decor... It started like this:

 After a few coats of gold sparkly spray paint, this is how it looks now:

Earlier this week, I mounted it to black foam core board, added music notes and suspended it from the ceiling:

What's that?  O nothing, really.  It's JUST our buffet table mock-up!  Yep, it's been 90% done since Tuesday! I'll pull together the decor after I finish the decor on the other side of the boards and put the sweets in place day-of.

Other spray paint projects include making the favor bags fancy:

All VIPs get SWAG bags at events.  In this case, the adults will know what SWAG bags are while the kids just think it's the new word for cool. Reminds me of the song, "Turn My SWAG On..."

Either meaning works, I guess.  Munch is obsessed with these bags.  She got a battery toothbrush in one from the dentist and she's carried that bag everyday this summer.  They make great bags for the pool or quick overnight bags when she's grabbing undies and the bare necessities to stay with a friend.  They were a splurge at $1/each BUT they really help tie the theme together AND they needed to be pretty large to hold the goodies on the favor table.

What goodies, you ask?

... Mr. Zach, Munch's drum instructor, got some awesome drum sticks for the rockers in attendance and THAT'S just the beginning!

Stay tuned for more :)


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