Tuesday, August 5, 2014

That Time I Almost Went to Jail

I know. I've been M.I.A. lately.   I know.

You've probably wondered where I've been.  Well, somewhere between my oral surgery and fussing with my selfish husband and bratty kid, I've just been stuck in a dark place.

Islanders, you know I keepS it real 'round these parts so no need to fake.  I'm not feeling like myself. I'm not in a consistently 'happy' place.  There are days I wake up, thank God for another day and, in the same breath, ask him why I'm still struggling in my situation.

My Maya Mondays post yesterday was scheduled weeks ago and really spoke to me in my [current and temporary] situation.

I. Am. Enough.

As you are aware, Munchface's birthday is approaching and I've been so wrapped up in life circumstances that I've exhausted my desire to pull it together.  I realize that is not me.  This. is. not. me.

I am trying to get myself together but, believe it or not, I'm okay with having a funk.  It's normal.  Everyone has their moments. I'm entitled to take mine.

So, I apologize for falling back and almost OFF the blogging wagon.  I apologize for not sharing buckets of updates and greeting you with the biggest e-hug and kiss like we normally do.  I've had some crazy things happen lately.  Like what, you ask?

Well, only because we're friends, I'll share.  OPEN BOOK OVER HERE, ya dig?

- Our water heater flooded awhile back.  We paid hundreds of dollars to repair and treat the carpet.  Got it fixed.  All was well.

Then, the basement flooded again.  Smaller flood but, honestly, not much smaller.  The same area of carpet was affected.  It was consistently wet with ice cold water.  Hubbs thought he found the problem and put a patch on it and laid down towels... my GOOD pull-out-when-guests-visit towels?! Seriously, dude?!  Ugh.  Ok.  No biggie.  A day or two of towel-changing and we'll be good, right?


It was the air conditioning.  The carpet in the area of the basement was no longer white.  It's got a rust-colored ring around the area.  Is it ruined? Can we afford to treat it again? What's to say this won't happen again?  The water just didn't stop.  We had to turn off the air conditioning... in the middle of July... Like, only the hottest time of year... for 3 whole weeks!  Good news? The carpet dried.  I guess the house wasn't all that hot but, really?

- More good news? The kid has had her best summer yet!  She's also, however, picked up this bad habit of huffin' and puffin' or poutin' and servin' me the 'really, mom?' face when I ask/tell her to do something.  I want to KNOCK her block off.

- The man.  Hmm, him.  That lump of muscles and gym smells has officially set-up camp on my last little itty-bitty nerve I have left.  'Nuff said.  Can I get an AMEN?

On top of alllll that, there was this time that I almost went to jail.

No, not because I left a brat in the aisles of Target.  YO!  I refuse to buy her the spiked book bag when I paid good money for the Pottery Barn Kids one last year just so she could carry it two years in a row... NO, not because I choked her out when she said all she wants for school clothes is Justice brand sweat pants, a tank top, Nike flip flops (or Uggs) and mismatched socks.

Little Miss Brittney, I don't frikkin' THINK so.

No, not because I choked up the man.  Or burned down the house.  Or -- Islanders, I almost went to jail for speeding.
In my cute little car, I was caught doing 50 in a 35.  The officer took my license went to his car and returned saying my LICENSE WAS SUSPENDED.

I was riding dirty and didn't even know it.  He said I had to call someone to drive the vehicle and, if they would take too long, I'd be taken into custody until someone could pick me up.

I called Jasmine and Tony since they live the closest and they came to my rescue.

Islanders, real friends will come to save you but will also LAUGH at you with the officer:

Officer snatches his license, "let me make sure your crap ain't suspended too."

Can you see Jasmine's face in the mirror?  I'm about to go to jail and they're laughing?! MY "FRIENDS?!" Yep.  Laughing.

It was all fun and games until the officer returned with Tony's license and said he had a warrant and protective order against him.

We all were shocked... until the officer burst into laughter and said he was just [messing] with us.

Yes, payback.

After we peed on ourselves a little (from fear and then laughter), I took an usie to document the time WE almost went to jail.

The license was suspended due to lack of insurance on a vehicle I no longer own... I showed proof of sale and all of the fees (except reinstatement) were lifted.  It was just another road bump that caused stress in my life (either pay close to $800 in fees and penalties or pay $145 to reinstate the license).

Looking back, I can smile about it.  This situation gives me hope that all of my other issues will also be something I can look back on and smile.  Just pray that I don't wind up in jail...

This is the start of me getting back to me.  Don't worry. I know I owe you some updates.  They're coming, I promise.


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  1. That was a really tough thing to experiece. At least you've skirted the worst scenarios possible, which is really among the best places for learning. If one thinks about it, you sensed the breadth of a mistake, while escaping all its consequence. But at least, that's behind you now. Best wishes and drive safely! :)

    Norma Richards @ Just Bail Bonds


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