Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rockin' Out - Party Decor Pt 2

Yesterday, we spoke about the rock star decor upstairs.  In that post, I also mentioned the kids' area was set-up in the basement.  I've never given a tour of that space but it's great and has LOTS of room for a birthday party.  I mean, if a certain grumpy Hubbs hadn't banned us from ever doing this again, we'd have all KINDS of awesome events down there, lol.

By way of background, during her plans for the birthday party, Munch was less interested in party games and more into dancing.  She had an entire skit for the dance teams that she and Chazzy would lead (imagine a 'You Got Served' with little kid dance crews).

I know.  It's too much, right?  Anyhoo, the basement is broken into several areas - the gym, the sitting/tv area, the pool table area, the hall/christmas closet, the bathroom and the guest room.  Yes, all those spaces and only half are behind doors.  To ensure my little client's wants were captured, I decided to have stations with activities and to focus decor around the stations - no themed games.

The stations included:

- Tattoo station(s)
- Nail station

- Hair and a makeup station

- Guitar decorating station

O and above the guitar station, I hung a party chandelier over the light:

I love how it set the party tone in the space.

I used the black table cover (also used as the carpet in the entryway) as the primary pool table cover and purple wrapping paper as a table runner.

Sure, you can see the stickers and guitar in the photo above but can you also see Munch squishing Raina's bun?  Raina had just arrived and Munch was introducing her by saying, she's a TALL 4 year old... as if she needed big kid cred, lol.

On either side of the wood stove, I set-up a station and Sheena decorated them day-of the party using streamers, stars and her special magic, lol.

I set-up the nail and hair station by the Christmas closet.  Jasmine let us borrow Lea's tablecloths from the Sofia the First party.

Other basement decor included the ROCK STAR wall art Mommy bought from the thrift store:

I love them.  They just needed a little more neon but, rather than do something drastic, I mounted them to black foam core and added the neon circles to the boards.  They were great "wall art" for the basement during the party and I think they might make great wall art somewhere else (stay tuned)!

I can't believe I almost forgot the feature 'station' in the basement - the SWAG station.

I covered the man's TV days before the party using the large pinwheels. 

It kinda looked like that for a week or so.  Video games?! Who needs video games?  Not you, boo. HAHA.  I needed to figure out how to make sure I covered it really well - don't want any TV showing, lol.  One of my favorite things on the table was the boom box:

This inflatable boom box ($5 from Oriental Trading) was a great addition to the table.  It had all of the fun colors to coordinate with the theme and it made a great focal point on the SWAG table.  I added the birthday themed circles to the speakers to make it party appropriate.  The table skirt added the fun colors for the party and was the kid's idea.  I typically use table linen but I have to admit I really LOVE the fun colors of the table skirt :)

Of course, I filled the table top with fun items for the kids to include: guitar-shaped paddle games, drumsticks and lots of candy to fill our swag bags!

This station was [supposed to be] closed until after the dance party but I did catch a few dads sneaking candy throughout the party, lol.

The gym was used as the dance area and I kept that space closed off until after the Rock Star runway activity...  What's that you, ask?

Come back tomorrow to find out!  We're talking FOOD and FUN in the next few days!

Yes, the cake sneak peek says it all, right?! You don't want to miss it!


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