Sunday, August 10, 2014

Snapshot Sunday

So, yesterday we talked about recent updates to the dining room and I realized there have been some changes to the family room.  Nothing major but DEF some changes for sure.

We last spoke about the family room when I shared my cheap artwork and the pillows (here) about a month or so ago, right?  As I said then, I was happy with where the family room was going.  I admit, however, there was one thing driving me bonkers - the area under the television.

Hubbs and I took care to mount the t.v. and to eliminate the wires.  We hung it (and hid wires) before Christmas.  I wanted my mantle for our stockings and the pain in my neck from leaning back to look so high up was annoying.  So, we did it and it looked great.  It was great.  We had the cable box and, at times, the PlayStation sitting on top of my antique chest and some stacked baskets but... eh, it was better, right? 

That pic is from Christmas so ignore the Christmas crap around it, can you see the make-shift entertainment center?

Yep.  The t.v. was mounted and it was better.  Better... for a little while.  After a month, the task of moving the t.v. and of hiding the annoying wires wasn't enough for my brain.  I wanted an entertainment center or a media console to complete the look and hide the UGLY electronics.  I wanted to move the low-to-ground chest and the stacked baskets... These things were temporary.  I got it. I still wanted a change. 

To give me my fix, I began searching for the console that would fit the space and had the look I wanted.  This may sound weird but looking, measuring and planning a space fulfills my desire to shop.  Weird, right?  Anyhoo, I knew I t couldn't be black or dark... or well, white... wait. WHAT COLOR DID I WANT? 

I was stuck with the same struggle I found in other elements for this space - black like the fireplace on that neutral wall would be too great a contrast.  White, on that neutral wall, would be a clash with the sofa color and other muted tones of the room.  The wrong brown could pose a problem... Gray washed wood?  OoOoo yea.  Most of the pieces I found were far too traditional for our space or too low or too big or too rustic or... UGH.  Finally, when I least expected it I stumbled upon exactly what I wanted on Target's website.

O, Target. I just frikkin' squishy heart you.  The piece was a mere $200.  I showed Hubbs and, get this, he agreed it was nice.  I visited the store to check the quality and, although they didn't have my color, they had other pieces from the collection.  I was so happy.

Early July, I was excited when the change I was waiting for finally came.  There was a 40% off furniture sale + free shipping... PLUS with my RedCard (Target Debit that gives all the benefits of a Credit card) I got an additional 5% off.  My piece was purchased with more than $60 in savings after all discounts were applied.  Who was hype?  This girl.  Who put it together all by herself?  This girl.  Who also bought a set of mirrors (for above the t.v.) in the store during the same sale for a discount? This girl.

The above photo was my view during the recovery from my oral surgery.  I wanted to stare at it and love on it.  The family room is FINALLY feeling like it's coming together.

O and no, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you.  I have plants - an ivy and a money tree.  They were stolen or borrowed or I begged and she gave inherited from my mom and, one month in, they are growing fabulously.

As you can see, the kid was right there with me during my camp out.  I was swollen and miserable:

...but she was happy to share the loveseat with me (Hubbs had the sofa and I had no peace), lol:

Nevermind the face of the kid.  She was telling me, "O, WE'RE sleepy?  Let's take a nap then," when I told her I needed a few minutes to rest.  Can you see my money tree in the background?  It's growing.

Anyhoo, other updates include this rod iron "basket" I found at The Village.  I stumped my toe on it while strolling the metal and wood decor aisle.  MAN, did it hurt!  While cursing it under my breath, I kept looking back at it.  It was pretty fabulous.  I backed up, picked it up and, weighing about 15-20 pounds, I gained an appreciation for  its quality... it is now the perfect holder for our fire logs:

O, don't mind the pillows.  I've told you about the battle between Hubbs and I.  To avoid hearing my mouth (and because he says the feathers are uncomfortable), he tosses them to the floor everytime he sits on the sofa and this is usually where they wind up.  ::closes eyes and rolls them... HARD::

This basket is replacing our Easter basket from the Foster family, remember?

Yes, that is the same sad little lonely log in both photos.

The new basket blends the black and gray together and provides a sturdy base for the logs.  I've moved the fab Easter basket to the laundry room to hold our paper towels.  It has found a new home and a new function.

I can't wait to update and chunk-ify the mantle!  With the t.v. moved, I struggled with mantle decor... until I found the metal "accordian" candle piece:

ANOTHER Village Thrift store find, I know.  I love it... and it gives the height I want, it has the color I want, it will translate into the holidays easily and, as usual, it's a unique find that i haven't seen anywhere else :)

I've been dreaming up plans to chunk-ify our mantle and paint it white. I'm also trying to figure out the best plan for the other side of the fireplace.  I'll keep you posted on the progress.  For now, I'm just going to enjoy where we are with this space... Typing it all up and sharing it with you makes me feel like I've been slowly making progress... even though I feel like I've been standing still.

Cheers to steady progress,


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