Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sherry's Fall Vignette

I know we spoke about the mess that was my kitchen Friday. By way of update, the man cleaned it before that post went live but I didn't cancel it.  Posts like that keep me grounded.  Constantly reading blogs where everything is photo shoot ready, I get caught up in the idea that people really live like the photos I see in magazines. Don't get me wrong, I keep a decent home... I have a healthy case of OCD when it comes to my cleaning BUT Hubbs and Munch have helped ground my desire to live in a perfect home...

They remind me to enjoy life more than I enjoy pretty vacuum streaks in my carpet.  I get it, home is meant for living... I would (and do) argue slob-like tendencies, however, are unacceptable.  I had a busy weekend and I'll share more tomorrow and into the week.  A cake design for a client, floral design consultation, a meeting for future opportunities... BIG THANGS on the horizon!

Before I go, I just wanted to show you Sherry's awesome fall vignette.

She's not done but how awesome is it so far?

I think it's great but Sherry would like to add more height.  She plans to do a few things that will bring the eye up.  I, however, am loving all of her fall crafts this year.  This wreath?  SO cute.

I shared how to make those embellishments during our hair bow craft date in February (wanna learn? Check out the tutorial here).  I didn't imagine she'd take the concept and run with it.  Isn't it awesome?! I LOVE the wreath.  I especially love the burlap accents on the wreath.

Under the wreath, Sherry placed her fave Village find from last fall.

Other details of this vignette that I love?  These burlap mini pumpkins she made using rocks, sticks and scrap craft supplies.

This burlap topiary that uses scrap flowers from her craft stash.

OMG! Isn't that a unique color combo for the season?!  The best part of Sherry's vignette is her family's reaction.  The vignette designs are always a surprise.  The kids come home from school one day and BOOM! The fall vignette is up.  

It helps build excitement and anticipation for the seasons and the holidays they bring. 

Well, dang.  Now I feel motivated to pull out my fall decor!  Stay tuned!


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