Friday, September 12, 2014

Life Before Birthday Party

We've spent a lot of time covering the Rock Star Festivities and Back-to-School fun.  Today and tomorrow, however, I just want to talk about how summer life was before and after the rockin' birthday party :)

The blog focused on so many other things during that time I didn't have the opportunity to post about celebrating our 10 year anniversary.

August 14, 2014

Our anniversary started with an exercise in compromise.  Hubbs received a text that he was needed at a basketball game that evening (he plays in the work league).  Sure, he told them he couldn't make it that day but the coach insisted they wouldn't have enough players and he needed to be there.

What the-?! On our anniversary?

He asked me.

I said yes.  Then, between kisses and showering me with the whole "you're the best wife ever" compliments, he told me the game started at 5:00 p.m. and we needed to leave by 3:30 p.m. and I would have to dress for dinner and... can you hear how my timeline for the day was completely JACKED up?

We spent the day together just mousing around the house... breakfast together, some minor yard work together, ya know... just old married couple stuff.

After a stressful journey to his office located deep in DC, I made it:

... in my fancy shoes and booty dress (as Hubbs called it).  Can you imagine how awkward it felt for everyone to be in work-appropriate clothes and I had on this... well, BOOTY dress?

It didn't matter, the man was barely able to focus from winking at me while on the court.  You see him grinning:

He had just winked at me,the ref saw him and made a joke.

After the game, the coach was excited to meet me and asked if I was his lovely bride.  I responded, "yes, his bride of 10 years as of today..."

You can imagine the look on his face when he realized THAT was why Hubbs said he couldn't make the game, lol.  We laughed about it on our way out the door for dinner.

I was so excited for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Grace's Mandarin.

I enjoyed a wonderful dinner with this handsome fella (who, in the photo was asking if I really was cool with him playing in the bball game, lol):

 I even got an amazing photo of our view with my crappy cell phone camera:

Isn't it lovely?!  Our waiter was awesome and, when he learned of our anniversary, he surprised us with champagne on the house.  He also could not believe we were married for 10 years because, in his opinion, we look so young:

After dinner, we spent a night out in the National Harbor... We danced, enjoyed shows, took in the sights and, my favorite part, spent time holding hands on the pier talking about life and our dreams.


I have to be completely honest.  There have been times that I didn't believe we'd make it to 10 years married.  Times I wanted to shave his eyebrows in his sleep.  There are times when I hear him breathing and want to choke him out.  I frequently have to remind myself that there is NO ONE in this world who will EVER know either of us as well as we know each other.  NOTHING in this life will be good without maintenance.  We have our faults, we have our issues... but we also have each other :)

O and anyone who is married and says otherwise is a liar.  I mean, have you ever lived with someone?  UGH.  There's bound to be SOMETHING that drives you batty.

Misty, owner of Girl Meets Cake, made us a beautiful anniversary cake as a gift.  I love the pretty layers of ruffles, aren't they great?

August 15, 2014

The day after our ten year anniversary was Munchface's eighth birthday.  During the summer, she spent every other week with my parents.  The birthday week just-so-happened to be their week.  She was so excited about it because it was VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL(VBS) week!!!  Her birthday fell on a Friday and it's the most critical of all days at VBS because there's a farewell ceremony.  She HAD to go... so, we HAD to go too :)

We arrived during the opening ceremony and Munch was singing along to the theme song:

 We followed her to the storytime adventure room (her first of several stations):

It was great to witness the interactive story with characters and a 'journey.'  It was, however, difficult to maneuver as an adult and, with Munch not paying us much attention, we decided to leave.

I returned to pick her up in enough time to see the big farewell... Our partner church did an awesome job keeping the kids entertained and I'm so glad Munch was able to participate.

When she got in the car, her birthday gifts were waiting and we surprised her with a trip to her favorite restaurant, Panera :)  We even let her get her OWN lemonade smoothie...  because, well, now that she's 8, she can handle her own cup.


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