Monday, March 2, 2015

9 - A Party and A Room Part 2

Yesterday, I shared Munch's Paris-Themed Spa Party inspiration board.

Did I mention, IN ADDITION to the party, Munch has decided her next room design (to be complete by her tenth birthday) will also be Paris-themed?  We've picked up a few things here and there but we are nowhere near finished.  I'm hoping the party decor will be re-purposed in her room so, let's see how this comes together, shall we?

If you're like me, you probably feel like we just got to a stopping point in her current room especially with the move into the new place.  Believe it or not, that was a continuation from her big girl room we started when she was five!  Remember the plan for the space?

Do you remember the inspiration board?

We painted the ceiling.

We installed the floating shelves for her reading nook.

We procured and painted an armoire for her toy storage.

Devona purchased and built the book case for the entertainment area under the t.v. Hubbs mounted.

We installed the 2-inch like-wood blinds.

We hung the mini chandelier above her bedside table.

I made custom artwork.

Thanks to Sherry, we had an awesome game table!

We hung more artwork.

Munch painted a cork board for the homework area.

We got new lamps to anchor the entertainment area and got the yellow Kidcraft chair from our inspiration board.

All of that work and where did we stop?  Want to read more about the big girl room journey?  Check out the posts here.

We have a bright and cheery pink, aqua and yellow room.  It's beautiful.  It's functional.  It's just not Munchface.  She's at a weird stage.  One where she is coming into her own and the color scheme just seems too young for her.

She likes her room but she is ready to move on to bigger themes.  She thought it was the pink that bothered her so she said she wanted an all purple room.  She wanted to have a "big girl" purple room.  I was annoyed but decided to switch out the pink for purple.

I let her have at it... Play with the colors until YOU feel it fits your personality and we will build the room around it.  She was never satisfied.  She had purple, pink, orange, green, turquoise, gold, flowers, fashion, ruffles; it was too much.

One day, while we shopped in Hobby Lobby, she saw THE lamp:

She announced she wanted a Paris room.  It's so sophisticated and nice and girl-y and, well, totally Munchface.

I agreed but promised we would do nothing major until she was sure!  I'll transition to a neutral decor palette but I won't spend a whole bunch of money to make it happen.

We have, however, chosen bedding, purchased our first upholstery project, picked up a new large Paris canvas on clearance and decided to paint her game table white.

Ok, so maybe we have a plan but whatever! We know it's subject to change with a moody little girl's mind and, because I'm only $10 in, I'm okay with that!

I'll keep you informed of the changes.  I just can't believe she totally stole my craft room color scheme.


Speaking of craft room, I have updates!!!!!


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