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I have awesome friends.  No, I do.  It's as if God placed awesomely talented, amazingly gifted, uniquely made people closest to me.  I learn from my friends, every one of my friends, constantly.  Sheena, one of those fabulous aforementioned people, is prepared to step into her destiny and I'm excited to tell you all about it.

For as long as I've know her, Sheena has been all about helping others.  We ventured into the wedding planning business together and, while we liked making money, we treasured the relationships we built with our clients more.  Think about it, sharing in the most important day of people's lives... actually, being trusted to ensure the most important day of someone's life goes perfectly is a BIG deal... event planners, particularly wedding planners, can't be selfish people.  You have to do whatever it takes to get the job done.  Sheena is that kind of person.

Do you remember the Prom Dreams event I volunteered for 3 years ago?

Do you see my shirt?  It says Uplifting Sisters and THAT was Sheena's non-profit organization.  She started an organization to help inner city youth beat the odds.  She provided mentoring and tutoring services at no charge to the recipients.  Each year, up and down the East coast, Sheena hosted Prom Dreams, an event to provide everything a girl would need to feel beautiful at the biggest dance of her high school career.  I was a volunteer for the DC event and served as a personal shopper providing one-on-one VIP attention to each of my girls.  I helped with dress selection, finding the perfect shoes and even picking out accessories (jewelry, shawls, purses and more).  It was a great event and I've got loads of pics in my post about it here.  Collecting donations and organizing dresses wasn't an easy task; it took months to prepare!

What you may not know is Sheena was a BEAST track runner.  She attended GMU on a full-ride scholarship, held national records and was pretty-much amazing!

She volunteered to put her athletic background to use to help a group of co-workers reach their fitness goals; there have been some AMAZING results!  What set Sheena's fitness program apart was that she wanted to get to the root of what was causing the weight issues... she wanted to help women develop a healthy lifestyle so, rather than only helping them lose weight, she sought to help them love themselves enough to care about what they eat and to take better care of themselves.  As a result, these women didn't just lose the weight, they let go of the emotional baggage that caused the weight!  As the word spread, Sheena  began offering a boot camp for women to workout in her home gym at a discounted rate of $30/month.  Three sessions a week?  12 sessions are month?  That's less than $3/session!

Sheena enjoyed helping people discover and attack issues that occupied head and heart space where dreams and aspirations should reside.  She opened a teleconference line and asked parents to pass it along to any teen who needed an encouraging word or listening ear.  She and her husband co-hosted an event in Rochester.  Nearly 100 youth attended a workshop to discuss living an E.N.R.I.C.H.E.D life.  She captured contact information and began disseminating information.  She started posting a daily encouraging message for her social media followers and friends.

What does this have to do with you?

Hopefully, you're inspired to follow your dreams.  Shoot, maybe you want to share your personal pursuit of happiness here on the island.  If you'd like to tap into Sheena as a resource, it's easier now more than ever!

She has officially completed her Life Coaching certification and is offering FREE sessions.  It's one thing to be good at something.  It's another to be CALLED to something.  Sheena is called to encourage, help and uplift others.  I don't listen to what people say, I watch how the move.  It's what they do that tells you who they are.  I've watched her journey, I know her story and I've seen it pay off.

My friend is a millionaire.  She has six pack abs post-baby.  She maintains an immaculate home.  She has a non-profit.  She is an amazing mother.  She's survived a childhood that should've left her labeled a statistic.  She's thriving.

Her life is a testament to her faith and skills!

If you feel stuck.  If you have a goal and just need that extra push.  If you like FREE stuff!  Text (571)262-1519 for your FREE coaching session now.

Not sure what you need a coach for but want to learn more?  Tune in Saturday for a FREE webinar with Dom and Sheena by clicking here!

See you there!

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