Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sheena's Spa Birthday

Hey, hey, hey!

This is going to be a great week and I know it.  I can just feel it!  This weekend was amazing - busy but refreshing.  It all started with a Friday evening at the spa in celebration of Sheena's birthday.

Her husband, Dom, decided his wife needed to relax and offered to pay for her and three of her close friends to enjoy an evening at the spa.  Wait, let me get this straight, Mr. Brown.  You are going to pay for ME to go to the spa with your wife?  You are totally aware of the expense?  I'm game!  Heck, I'll even find the spot, decorate, order a pretty cake, come up with favors and anything else to help.

It's the least I can do, sir.

I picked up some treats for the ladies - REVLON's new scented perfume in two colors (lavender and linen), lavender essential oil soap, Eucerin lotion and nail polish remover wipes.  I decided to make manicures-in-a-jar and, with a cute lid and paper straw, they were perfect.  How cute are they?

Dom dropped Sheena and Shemeka (her cousin from out-of-town) off at the spa.  They had their first service (facials) and we were waiting in our private Relaxation room until they finished.  Sheena returned to the room and was surprised to see us!  She was even more surprised to learn she didn't have long to talk because there was a massage waiting for her!  While she relaxed elsewhere, I pulled out some minor decor and we were ready for her big surprise.

She loved everything - the decor, the fruit and her favorite wine and champagne.  A quick toast to the birthday girl:

AND it was time for more spa services.  Pizza from her favorite spot was delivered and we set out to enjoy the evening.

The spa sabotaged our plans to have a girls' night.  Have you ever tried to get hype and shake something when you've been pampered and relaxed?  Shoot, we wanted to take a nap!  As a result, some quick drinks at a local bar served as the perfect night cap.

I truly believe the tranquility in this moment kept me calm all weekend and into this week.  I need the cool attitude as I complete projects for the football baby shower this weekend.  Yes, it's this weekend!


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