Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sunday Happenin's - Little Ladies' Book Club

After the fun evening at the spa, I spent the following day at an event hosted at church.  It was the monthly Community and Faith Exchange (C.A.F.E.).  This month's event was all about the 5 love languages...  We had five different couples speak on each of the languages in their own words.  It was a great time and the food is always good.  You should totally make an effort to come next month, there's going to be a guest speaker you won't want to miss ;)

I decided to stay in Saturday evening and begin projects for the football baby shower this Saturday. Munch and I ran to Lowe's for some supplies.

I'd say Saturday was productive but Sunday was monumental!  Church was great and I was bummed that I had to leave but some major things were scheduled to happen!

Photographers came by to capture some awesome images in the craft room but we will get to that a little later (like tomorrow?).

After they finished capturing the space, Munch and I rushed to her inaugural Little Ladies Book Club meeting.

We've discussed Munch's struggle with reading in the past.  Well, I'm happy to report she has made amazing progress and is performing much better!  During my last conference, her teacher informed me that Munch does, however, struggle with comprehension.  I've noticed she can recite details from the book but general questions like, 'what was that chapter about' or 'what is the book's main idea?' have a long response.  She struggles with summarizing.  My conversations with other moms were very informative and I've learned Munch was having a very common struggle.  Let's just say Hubbs has told me to get on with it a time or two in my adult life, lol.  Anyhoo...

We've been reading everyday, she has a great reading voice (tone and inflection), we just needed to make it fun.  One mom mentioned an age-appropriate book club and I brought my version of the idea to the girls.  Of course, having crafty, party plannin' moms is always a plus - we offered to theme the meetings with questions, activities and more.  They LOVED the idea!  Sherry agreed to host the first one and we arrived a little late for the first meeting this past Sunday.

Sherry provided lunch.  The food was delicious but what was the most exciting? The presentation.

Those pretty floating things are the pinwheels I've shown you how to make (here).

Sherry made a different variation using book pages and paper!

They were so fabulous!

While Sherry led the discussion of the book with questions about the setting, the characters, their favorite parts, etc., I was nosily admiring all of her goodies.


Corn dog bites

She made a giant book with the Dr. Seuss book!!

Hershey bar books!

The girls enjoyed fresh baked cookies with chocolate or strawberry milk

The Diary series of books is formatted to read like a kid's actual diary.  Sherry gave each girl supplies to make their own Little Ladies' Book Club diary.

A hole punch and some ribbon made for the perfect binding supplies.

I loved that the girls wore their nerd glasses.  Aren't they cute?

As an additional favor, Sherry made bookmarks for each girl.  She used ribbon, a button and a hair tie to make them!  They are SO COOL!


As a final check for reading skills, Sherry asked if the girls ran into words or phrases they didn't understand.  No one could think of any.  Sherry asked the girls to clear the table and revealed that she found some she wanted to talk about.


Each girl wrote what they THOUGHT words and/or phrases meant and Sherry took the opportunity to teach.

It was an awesome activity!  Sherry really set the tone for a fun book club!  Munch had a blast and really impressed me with her involvement.

I can't wait to host it in two weeks!  If this goes well, we're going to expand the group to invite other girls in our area.  Who knows... maybe it'll become a VIRTUAL club too!

I'll keep you posted on the fun!


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