Friday, September 4, 2015

Summer Farewell - 2015

In this week's Wordless Wednesday post, I shared highlights from our last day of summer vacation.  After church, we headed to an area park for our first annual church kickball tournament.

While the grill and buffet were set-up, the church family played a fun game of kickball.  Of course, we lined up to pick teams.

I was hanging out behind the fences with no intention of playing the game because I wanted to snap a few pics with my phone...

Apparently, that wasn't an option for me.  I was told to be on a team to keep them balanced.  Yep, despite wearing a pair of cute little flats, I was headed to the outfield... I probably wasn't rockin' the best field attire but it was SO much fun!

It was such a great time with our great church family!  As I mentioned before, it was our last day of summer vacation before Munch returned to school and we had a full schedule with lots of fun in the sun.  We left the park and headed to my parents' place to freshen up.  Once we were pretty in our summer dresses, we hit the road for Lake Anna.

I helped with the decor and the bouquet for a surprise vow renewal ceremony. Their children helped Ricky execute a surprise event for his wife, Dianna.  With my help, we pulled together a fabulous rustic ceremony and family picnic on the lake.

For the centerpieces, Zach and Caitlin combined several glitters (gold, silver and pink) and sand to fill mason jars.  I love how the sand helped to fill the jars without taking away from the glitter's sparkle!

The large entryway pallet got a makeover with a gallery of frames and milestone moments.  Actually, photos were critical to the decor.  They were wrapped around trees:

and resting on tables:

It's amazing to see what 30 years together looks like... In case you're wondering, it looks like good and bad hair trends, beautiful babies and expanding family borders with in-laws and grandchildren.  Oh, and speaking of children, the kids got Dianna to arrive by telling her they were taking family photos.  She got pretty for the event and even crafted for the pictures by making a sign.  Imagine her surprise when she arrived to the location and saw my dad, our Pastor, standing under an arch.  She buried her face in her hands and followed her children's (who were close to the entrance awaiting her arrival) guidance.

She got out of the car with her photo sign in-hand.  It's ironic because she used my photo of her arrival to announce some pretty awesome family news on facebook:

That's a 'Baby Dub' sign pointed at her daughter who is expecting her first child!  She came up the aisle and met my dad at the arch.  Her children followed and lined the other side of the aisle.

It was a short and sweet ceremony.  To sum it up, this family is built on faith, love, hope and sacrifice.

It's always nice to celebrate with clients who have become like family.  Lauren, their daughter, was my rustic bride client in May 2014 and their son, Zach, was my rustic groom in October 2014.

After the ceremony, we gathered for a lovely meal and listened to 80's jams while enjoying time with each other.

We recycled coffee filter decor from Mike and Ryan's shower and I made a 20-foot garland (photographed above) to hang over the buffet area.  It was great to be part of such a special day.

Dianna tells the story of her wedding and always mentions her only request was to have pink tulips.  With an August wedding date, tulips weren't an option and it is the one thing she has always wished she had.  I was super excited to pull the bouquet together with the flowers they ordered but I was more excited to include pink tulips in the design!!

Dianna loved the bouquet, the surprise and the time with family.  I knew we had a long ride home but I wanted to savor the sweet time with people we love.  This summer has been relaxing and our fun day in the sun was the perfect conclusion.

We were rested and ready for fourth grade!


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