Saturday, July 18, 2015

Frugal Friday: Pottery Barn Knock-Off Lamp

Howdy, Islanders!

With all the Paris party talk yesterday, I was reminded of the recent lamp update I just finished for a few dollars.

Can you believe this is the first DIY project for Munch's big girl room update?  I love how it turned out!  Before we get to the tutorial, check out the inspiration:

I love how awesome these little lamps are AND I love how their design screams feminine yet also appeals to a sophisticated taste.  Here's how to create one of your own.

I took a lamp purchased at Goodwill for $1.99 two years ago.  Oh, come on.  You know the lamp.

Can you see it in the right of the photo?  It was a dusty rose color with an Ikea lampshade to which I attached a ribbon trim.  I purchased the lampshade from Ikea for $1 in the clearance section.

I like the embroidery but I always felt it was a little off balance... like the shade was too small for the lamp (it didn't even cover the on/of switch).  I had flowers left from a recent client's bouquet (she bought them online) and also used several types of pink flowers from my thrift store flower loot.  For this project, it's best to use flowers in the same color family (all white, all red, etc.).

Pull the flower heads from the stems like so:

I used wire cutters to trim that little piece on the back.  I wanted the flowers to sit flush on the shade.  Once they're cut, glue the flowers around the shade.  I used white hydrangea pieces to fill in the gaps.

It looked great and I was all done in about 15 minutes!  Oh, and remember the base of the lamp?

I found some gold spray paint I had on hand and, after a quick wipe, it was ready for paint.  While the paint dried in the garage, I was bubbling with excitement; I could feel this was going to be awesome!  I could hardly wait longer than 10 minutes before I snatched up the lamp, ran upstairs, attached the lampshade, and plugged it in.

There were singing angels and it was amazing!  The perfect ambient glow!  Plus, beside the Eiffel Tower (it's a photo holder!), the lamp screams tres chic.  With it on and glowing, I stood there in awe of the lamp's awesomeness, I called for the man and child to join me and, well, I snapped *50* photos!

Did I mention I got a $55 Paris-inspired clock sold at Michael's from The Village thrift store for $7.90?  Well, I did and it hangs above her dresser. You can totally see it in the photo above.

Islanders, there is something about a fabulous first project crossed off my list that makes me feel motivated to do MORE! 

Stay tuned!


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