Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Munch Makes: A V-Day Party!

You may recall for Valentine's Day 2014, Munch and her friend, Jada, came together for a play date that involved making cards to combat elderly depression.  This year, we expanded our invite list to include the book club buddies.  We pulled out decor and craft supplies we already had and set the stage for an evening of fun.

I used an old candy dish (purchased from Target years ago) to hold the cutlery.  I used disposable cups I had on hand, Munch added stickers, and some crazy straws I picked up from Dollar Tree (DT).

When we returned home Friday, Hubbs surprised us both with some pretty flowers to set the tome for the weekend.

An ice orchid for me and a cute arrangement for her.

I updated the thrift store wreath with a sign I picked up last year:

I used doilies from DT to unify the space by randomly hanging them from dining room artwork and the table:

Munch planned to have girls make cards and decorate cupcakes. We baked the strawberry cupcakes beforehand and, at each place setting, we put an Extreme Cakeovers book with a pretty ribbon and a heart-shaped cookie cutter.  Would you believe I picked up these awesome high-quality books at DT?!  Yep!  We'll talk more about what I've learned about DT's book selection in recent weeks.  Just know these books are on sale at Barnes & Noble and Amazon for more than $12/each! I paid $1/each!

The girls giggled and decorated.  They munched on yummy strawberries, veggies, chocolate chip cookies and pizza.  Collectively, they made lots of cards and had a blast!  

I hope your Valentine's Day was spent showing others you care :)

Yes, the nephew sent a holiday greeting.  Complete with a heart, thigh rolls and a smile.  Seriously, what else is there in life?


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