Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's Day Gift: You're the BALM!

If you're looking for an affordable gift that every girl will LOVE to receive, then I've got the perfect idea for you!

I totally had big plans to print a cute card but, waiting until the last minute as usual, I didn't have white card stock and my printer was low on ink.  I panicked for a split-second but found some cards in the craft stash, wrote a sweet message inside, and fell in LOVE with the finished product!

I hole-punched the top of the card and used ribbon to attach it on top of the EOS lip balm package (which was also hole punched!!).

Now, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed the cute little printed card didn't work out but I was more pleased with the presentation and thoughtfulness of a handwritten card.  The trend to unnecessarily label everything and have monogrammed everything has added pressure and I'm kind of over it! You wouldn't believe how stressed I was preparing to write on the inside of a card.  Seriously, new age technology has made HANDWRITING a lost art. I realized it took a lot to write a few words. I worried it would be crooked or people would judge my handwriting OR, heaven forbid there was an error!  Guess what.  The world didn't cave in on me and we survived writing on a piece of paper.  Guess what else.  You can too.

We like to give something to Munch's teacher on Valentine's Day but I'm always questioning whether it's enough or too much; I want something that shows our appreciation without breaking the bank or wasting my money. This idea was the perfect solution!


If you have handwriting anxiety and would rather print a card, GOOGLE it!  There are lots of options... LOTS of FREE options too!

I put my EOS gift idea to the test when I met up with a new friend to discuss some of my services.  The lip balm was a great way to start the conversation and, of course, as I expected she LOVED it!

So, let's review.  A gift that's less than $5, thoughtful and sure to get lots of good use?  SOUNDS LIKE THE PERFECT GIFT TO ME!  Oh, and you could tweak it for any occasion or holiday!  Hello Christmas, birthdays with a gift card, Mother's Day, Teacher Appreciation, just because and so many more!



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