Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Shopkins: FREE Valentine's Printables!

Howdy, Islanders.

Are you ready for official training in the latest craze among little girls?

Shopkins are miniature items modeled after things found in grocery and department stores.  These tiny collectibles are everyday items that receive a cute makeover and some - GET EXCITED - have tiny holes on the bottom that fit on top of pencils!  **eye roll**

They're all the rage in school and events and clothing and accessories and LIFE as little girls and their poor sweet moms know it!


To put it into perspective, they are smaller than happy meal toys and don't do anything special but cost $3+ a piece.  I know, I don't understand it either.  Every few months, a new collection of toys (called seasons) is released.  You can purchase multiples or individuals.  Individual Shopkins are sold in sealed pouches for an added element of surprise. **squints** so, you're telling me I have to keep buying until you get the coveted "limited edition" one you want?  So, these things are like prizes in Easter eggs or the toys in the cereal box? Except they cost a LOT of money to do nothing.  **eye roll**

Islanders, in the words of Forest Gump, "Shopkins are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get!"


Munch was late to jump on the Shopkin bandwagon.  It wasn't until every birthday party recipient requested Shopkins that Munch was researching and shopping for her friends when she developed a love for them.  Apparently, there is no resisting the Shopkins' cuteness.


Of course, we capitalize on characters and the latest obsessions for holidays and special occasions.  Doesn't every mom wind up feeding into the remnants of little kid-ness?  Aren't we all willing to support the antics that keep our children interested in age-appropriate things?

*rolls eyes for so long I doze off*

For Valentine's Day, Munch wanted to pass out Shopkins valentines.  When we received word that, due to weather-related school closings, there would be no party, Munch asked if we could do something different because EVERYBODY would have the ones we saw in the store.  I've been on a crafty hiatus for awhile so, I agreed and we set a budget of $20 for the class valentines.

Here's what we came up with:

Here's how we made them:


- Small containers for gumballs
- Thin ribbon (we used red for boys and pink for girls)
- Hot glue gun
- Gumballs (Dollar Tree has a large assortment of Double Bubble brand gum)
- Valentine's Tags


1.  Fill the containers with gumballs.  We placed 5 gumballs in each tin.  I decided to use wrapped gumballs because whenever Munch comes home with unwrapped candy from people who I don't know, I'm weirded out.  I figured better safe than sorry.

OMG, speaking of the tins, we found these fabulous favor tins in the wedding section and on sale for $5/dozen at Michael's.  They took these treats to the NEXT level.

2.  Cut 3" of the thin ribbon.  Tie a small bow.

3.  Glue the Valentine tag on top of the tin.

4.  Glue the small bow at the top of the label.

Aren't they cute?  Now, I'm not a stingy person so, I'm sharing a blank Valentine's tag for you and your Shopkin loving little person to use.

To use:

1. Save the image to your computer.
2.  Right click and copy into a Word document.
3.  Using the Picture tools, adjust the size to be 2".
4.  Copy and Paste the Image so 12 are on the page.

5.  Print and use a 2" hole punch to cut the shape for use.

I CHEWS you.  I mean, these would work with gummy snacks, fruit roll ups, bubble gum or any snack really!  Munch helped with every step of pulling these class gifts together and even wrote each classmate's name on the tags.

She was so proud of her creations and she can't wait to carry them to school for dissemination in a few days.  If you haven't started, there's still time to pull something fabulous together!

Here's hoping you have a LOVELY day!


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