Friday, June 9, 2017

Rustoleum Countertop Paint: Review and Photos

Howdy, Islanders!

Did you notice the drastic changes in the kitchen 'after' photo I shared the other day?  One major room brightener was the cabinets.  Another major change was the countertops.

New appliances | New back splash | Updated countertop Updated cabinets

The countertops were original to the home.  Don't worry, nothin' to see here, folks... just your 'run of the mill' builder-grade counters - off-white, outdated, need to go, countertops to be exact.

Granite, because of its expense, wasn't the best option for this property. We researched other options.  Mrs. Lucy told me about a paint for countertops and I wasn't sold on its durability.  We visited our local Lowe's and wouldn't you know, the staff paint expert was certain the paint was durable and has great coverage.  I bought it but I didn't think a solid gray was the look I was going for... I thought I could purchase 4 cans to recreate a granite-like paint technique similar to this one:

Then, I had an idea... Across the section where I picked up the countertop paint, I saw a sprinkle and had an idea.  I talked it over with Mrs. Lucy and we concluded we only needed to spend a few dollars (less than $10) for the container of Valspar color flakes!  To cover your countertops for less than $75, here's what you and need and what you do.

What you need:

- Rustoleum countertop paint in your choice of color
- Valspar color flakes 
- Food-safe sealant
- Sponge roller
- Paint brush

**note: if you ONLY use the countertop paint no sealant is necessary, however, if you use any other topping, be sure to ask a professional for the recommended food safe sealant.

What you do:

1.  Clean the countertops really well.  Allow to dry completely.

2.  Use a sponge roller to paint the countertops.  Allow to dry then repeat to ensure full coverage.

3.  While the countertop is still wet, sprinkle the color flakes on top to you desired coverage.  Mrs. Lucy found that using a paint brush made it easier to cover the counters from all angles.

The slice of wood was used to hold the flakes.

4.  We used three coats of a food-safe sealant sold in the same section.  There are multiple options to choose from.

I love the look.  Even with the kitchen upside down, it was coming together!

I chose the Valspar color flakes with brown, black, white and gray.  I wanted the countertops to blend with the backsplash.

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