Monday, June 5, 2017

Lowe's: A Seasonal Sale of a Lifetime.

A few weeks ago, I shared a Wordless Wednesday post.  It was a post with a story you'd probably never guess to be true but I'm here to share that it is, in fact, totally true!  It really happened.
One Sunday afternoon, I received a phone call from Mrs. Lucy.  She called to tell me there was a major light fixture sale happening!  She mentioned a fabulous chandelier that was priced at - wait for it - $25!

I was excited.  I made plans to go.  I had plans that needed new lights... clients who need some amazing light fixtures to change their spaces without drastically impacting their budget.  I decided we'd go the next day.  So, the next day, during my lunch break, I headed to Lowe's.

I decided on two fixtures.  They would cost a total of *like* fifty bucks.  Fifty bucks?!

Of course, with our LOL moments and inside jokes, we made a friendwho was also checking out the clearance fixtures.  As we passed by, she mentioned to me that the manager was selling all clearance lights at 90% off the lowest price.  Islanders, that means our $25 lights were $2.50!  Wait, what?!

You see the caption on the image; the image is foreshadowing some of my recent projects and the natural progression of services I offer.  We will talk more about it.  Just keep that in mind when you see our carts in the next photos:

Don't judge... well, I know you wouldn't.  I am, however, pretty sure the people who saw me on the road definitely judged me and my car.

Would you believe we grabbed almost all of the fixtures from the area?  Our total was $126.

Our savings was $11,070! 

Crazy, right?!  I know.  Sale of a lifetime.  I know.  More to come!

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