Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Day13: Halloween Tinsel Wreath in 2 Steps!

We're continuing our 31 Days of Change series.   New to the island? You can learn more here.  
OMG! It's a big, humungo and awesomely major day on the island.  I have a guest post and the author is the biggest super star in my life.  Not only is she going to amaze you with her ability to create but she will wow you with her eye for bargains and deals.  This craft has the following highlights:

- Made with two (2) supplies
- No glue required
- Costs less than $5 

Oh, and another cool thing about these wreaths is that they put our Michael's Arts and Crafts decor dupes from the Dollar Tree (DT) to use.  

Do you see that $10 garland up there?  Yep, it's at Michael's.  OMG! Keep reading to see how Munchface creates a wreath using the SAME garland she found at DT.  Also, she dupes a wreath the big craft store sells... and she made it for less than HALF of the Michael's price!

Without further delay, I introduce the one, the only, Munchface!!

Hi, I'm Zion. This is my first time blogging so I am SUPER EXSITED [exCited has a -c but I'll let it slide]! So I'm going to be showing you how to make a reeth [wreath... note from Mom] so lets get started.

What you need to make the wreath:
- Wreath form

- Halloween garland.

Here's what you do.

1.So you take your wreath and wrap it in and out the center.  Make sure you don't see green.

2. When you  have a little piece of the garland left you need to tuck it in under the looped garland.

That is how you make a Halloween wreath!

Thanks, Munch.  You rock, kid.  I'm so proud of you for sharing your light with others!  Keep thinking under the budget and outside the box!

Islanders, I told you.  Easy, right?  How about that $4 price tag?  Here are some of the things I noticed while she made it:

- Just a note: the wreath form is made for flowers so it sheds slightly when wrapping

- When you run out of one garland, use the new garland to overlap it.  This will keep it secure and ensure you don't need any glue for this project

- Munch used 3 garlands for each wreath.  You can probably get away with 2 if you add a ribbon or embellishment.

- These wreaths are small and make perfect additions to any holiday decor.

- No glue means you can easily re-use the wreath for other holidays.  I'm sure DT will have tinsel garland for Christmas and beyond.

I used Munch's tutorial to make another wreath and became inspired to use it in a number of ways.  Tomorrow, I'll share how I used my wreath to make 3 AWESOME decor items.  If you're inspired or just want to encourage Munch to post more often, be sure to share in the comments!  She will LOVE to read all of your kind words.

Hope your day is SPOOKtacular!


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