Friday, March 23, 2012

Elmo's World: The Wrap-Up

Today is the FINAL Elmo's World post (I think) and, while I'm excited to tell you all about it, I have a confession.  I worked hard on so many DIY elements and had so much going on and was so excited to take quality pics and... Well, guess what?


Can you believe it? Battery - charged. READY. SET. CLICK. and nothing. WHAT IN THE name of Elmo's WORLD? Yep. No memory card so I have no awesome-fantastic, bright and cheery photos... Just Instagram iPhone pics. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm VERY grateful for the technology and quality cell phone cameras now offer but nothing compares to the good ol' camera, ya dig?

I hope you're not like me and expecting top-quality images... AND if you are, MY BAD! We're embracing the imperfections, remember? Here goes...

The food table backdrop.  We taped Elmo balloons to the wall to create an Elmo wall. I had planned on a wall of multi-colored balloons but I realized we wouldn't have the air to blow up the 50 kajillion I was planning for.  I framed the Elmo balloons with streamer "stripes" from floor to ceiling.  We then used my scrap book hole puncher to create card stock polka dots.  It made for a quick and easy backdrop!

The Sweets! I set-up a small dessert display with Elmo cookies (they were like mini cakes), the birthday cake, cupcakes and the sweet smash cake.  I chose marshmallow fondant for the birthday cake and coordinating butter cream icing  for the smash cake - both were YUM! 
I didn't get a pic before the cupcakes were picked over, lol.

The Scribble Table.  First, we put on the plastic tablecloths, then we used a roll of easel paper to line the table.  Add the crayons and you've got another easy activity for the kiddos...  After an hour of having a blast in the soft play area, this provided an opportunity to wind down, eat some yummies and scribble quietly until the dance competition started. 

We also placed party hats, favor bags(filled with an Elmo storybook, goldfish and crayons) at each place setting.  Bright and cheery, don't ya think?


The Elmo Backdrop.  Click here for the tutorial and more information on the backdrop.

It made for the perfect background to the dance contest and games:

He was swimming, lol!
Of course the birthday song was the highlight for me.  There's just something about first birthdays that makes the birthday song so magical... Half of my bittersweet excitement is for parents realizing the days of babyhood are almost over and the other for the new milestones to expect in coming years... It's truly a heartfelt moment I always enjoy...
Baby Nina really enjoyed it too! 


It was her first taste of cake...

...and she LOVED every bit of it :)

Projects you DON'T see? The head shot backdrop (for Elmo photos of the kiddos) and the tissue poms we made to hang over the scribble table.  While both were fabulous, Nina's mommy forgot them in her other car's trunk :/ Here's a sneak of what the backdrop looked like before it was all done (made with party streamers and poster board):

The planner in me was bummed but, islanders, we've discussed this...NO STRESSING!!  So, o well! I think it was an adorable little party withOUT the poms and backdrop, anyway :)


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