Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fill 'Er Up!

Dose of RANDOMness

... I have this dog... He's really cute... Great dog... Apparently, he's also a great pee-er.  So, we're considering letting him go (although we have another option we're going to try first)... Did I mention he's 5 lbs of PURE muscle man?  Well, he is... AND he's cute. Like, really cute.

What does this have to do with the Easter baskets?

Well, Munchface loves the dog but said if she gets a hamster, she'll be OK with pee puppy leaving.  Although we might not get rid of pee puppy, I think Hubbs is seriously considering a guinea pig for Easter... which would TOTALLY sabotage(drama, I know) my Easter basket plans!

What are those basket filler plans, you ask?  I do for Munchface what my mom did for us - buy 1 or 2 GIFTS that just happen to be placed in a basket.  None of this ready-made $20 basket o' junk for us, lol.  My mom makes the best baskets and she STILL makes all of us (in our grown-up lives) Easter baskets... Anyways, following my mom's style, we've gotten Munch everything from dolls and movies to Summer clothes and books in previous years.  

Check out some of my gift ideas:

Custom Placemat

Aren't they all o-so adorable? I mean, seriously. Munchface has a $2 walmart placemat that we've been using to protect my dining room table (daily dinners, crafts, baking, homework).  We use it often enough that I'd like to have 1 reserved for FOOD and the other for craft/class projects.  Would you like to see more personalized placements? Click here.

Name Necklace

Something about this little sterling silver necklace just makes me smile. Munch is at the stage where she loves to wear her "jewels!" Isn't it adorbs?
$29 and it's Sterling Silver!!

IKEA Greenhouse

Maybe I'll scratch the whole basket idea and get her a small greenhouse.  She's been begging me to plant flowers outside and... Uh... That's just not my thing so... Maybe I'll buy dirt (that I know doesn't have bugs) to plant flowers and herbs that will grow indoors (where I know I'll water them without bugs).  It's also something daddy we can do together. I can almost see how I'll package it - cool glasses, little gardening gloves, Easter grass at the bottom, with cute little pots (that we can paint), a pretty little bow and maybe a pennant banner with her name(?) and daddy can help her plant the seeds in the nasty dirt - she can grow all kinds of things! PLUS, Ikea makes this adorable greenhouse:

I always add stickers, lip gloss and hand sanitizer as filler but I think she'd love any of the above gifts for Easter.


What about you?

What do you plan to give your little ones for Easter?

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  1. Tabby, can you tell Ma Dukes to make me one of those Easter Baskets? That would be wonderfule, wouldn't you agree.
    Sidenote, I would love to B Keese walking that little dog. Its a dude in my housing complex that always tryna wear the tightest wife beater he can find, tryna look all strong, when he walking his poodle. HILLARIOUS! Make my day Tabby, and post a pic of B Keese walking "Pee Puppy" as you called him.


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