Monday, March 12, 2012

Mama-Made Monday - Weekend Review

This weekend was busy(fun...but busy)!  It started with a celebration dance in Michael's for some awesome finds which included a $.01 hair bow (I'm going to use it as a guide to make a larger version for a headband), some amazing $.14/sheet paper AND a fabulous $8 bird cage (I bought a white one):

THEN, Munchface and I attended Artist and Authors night at her school.  When I arrived, I was surprised to learn 2 pieces of HER art were featured (the 10 best pieces from 3 projects (per class) were hung gallery-style throughout the school and 2 of hers made the cut). 

TALK ABOUT ONE PROUD MAMA (I was very proud BUT, because I also learned that she had a behaviorial issue that day, we had a serious talk on the way home too)! 

Too cool to smile BUT that purple piece was hers... I will be framing and hanging it somewhere!

We also stood in a crazy-long line for Munchface's *FIRST* book signing:

We met Lezlie Evans!  Ms. Evans was really excited about the -z in Munchface's name and she kept complimenting her little bows.  Of course, we bought 2 books (Sometimes I Feel Like a Storm Cloud and The Bunnies Trip); it's not often you stand in line for a book signing from a REAL author!

Other activities at Artists and Authors night included: bookmark crafts, newspaper hats and seeing our friends and favorite teacher, Mr. Cassaboon (he teaches Art and we bought one of his handmade sock monkeys at the craft fair.  She loves it.)!


She had a blast!

I met with my Elmo party client on Saturday and we got A LOT of things done... My favorite projects?  My version of Elmo's World (painted on a plain white sheet) and the party streamer backdrop.  BOTH were fabulous.  I know I promised tutorials along the way but things went so quickly (the party is this Sunday) I haven't been able to document!

The highlight of my weekend was the time spent with 2 fussy, fabulous and funny little girls.  Our sister-cousin (as they call each other), Chazity, came over!  We had our standard tea party because... well, every meal is a tea party when these two get together!  They change their clothes, put on gobs of makeup and add lots of bows to "get ready." It's really the cutest thing ever.

Considering the time change, the pony tails and the 30 minute drive, I was SURPRISED that we made it to church on time!  Again, cuteness overload (purple and red, down to their coats, were the color assignments of the day):

They graffiti-ed my walkway, enjoyed a delicious lunch, and made a happy mess of an ice cream treat from Dani.  Then, off to the playground for loads of fun and even a FASHION SHOW (you will see the facials, lol)!

If this weekend is a sign for how this week is going to be, I am not ready... 

Dear Whoever Makes the Rules,

I need my hour back!  There's just NOT enough time in the day!

How are you adjusting to Daylight Savings?



  1. UGH! My original comment got erased!!! I was saying, I love how you document everything! And Chazity's face is too funny!!! She was so serious!

  2. Chazity's face and ARMS make me giggle... She is just too much for the mulch runway. I guess with the way YOU were announcing and jamming that song you made up, she HAD to show up and show OUT!


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