Monday, March 19, 2012

Mama-Made Monday: Weekend in Review 2

Am I the only one who feels like there's an unspoken race against the clock? I couldn't FIND my seconds and minutes this weekend... Today, however, I'll TAKE a moment to unwind... hopefully.

Friday, Munchface was excited to take her leprechaun trap to school and to wear the little shamrock bow I made... As I said here, I'm trying to be better about accepting the imperfections in my projects.  With my new motto in mind, I didn't make another version when it didn't turn out EXACTLY as I'd planned.  Instead, however, I used it to embellish a basic bow

She loved it!

Munchface was also excited to take her classroom treats to school! I ordered fabulous little tags from here.  I purchased a 3/pack of green curling ribbon:

 ...and Million Dollar Mints (both from the Dollar Tree):

 I just filled some clear goodie bags we had on hand (sold in the Walmart bakery supplies) to create the quick treats for her class.  Note: I removed the staple from the ribbon clusters (it saves SO much time) and used the ready-made curlies to tie the bag.  Also, I didn't hole punch the tags, I just glued them to the bag (shh, I don't think the 5 yr olds even cared...or noticed).

Friday night, we had a family playdate with the Nunns.  I just love the time with family-friends (you know, those who can come over when your house isn't "ready" for company). 

I also LOVE to kiss on my not-so baby Mariah when we get together. Isn't she just yummy?

Saturday, we woke up to a great breakfast of shrimp, grits, turkey bacon and apple slices. Hubbs prepared a fabulous spread!
...I hope you didn't expect pics... I ate it too fast to document, lol.

O, I also started my day with random gifts from Uncle Darren:

After breakfast (that I didn't have to cook) and the awesome perfume (that I didn't have to buy), I felt like I could conquer the world (OR the mad house at the mall)!

It was off to the Dr. Seuss event... There were crafts, snacks, story time, soft play area fun, the Cat in the Hat and even a parade! We had a blast!

The life of 2 busy girls meant they were on a tight schedule and had to leave earlier than planned for a birthday party.  The girls were so excited for new bears they made us promise to go "pick them up" on their behalf.  Excited for what bears you ask? The $10 St. Patrick's Day Build-A-Bears, of course!  The mommies had our orders ("just the bears, no clothes and no shoes; we will get those later, mommy") and we were on our way:

We spent the rest of the day shopping, indulging in mall food and preparing for the Elmo party that was on Sunday!

Sunday was busy! Starting with service... I had to sing in the choir that morning and it was an amazing time in the Lord!  If you didn't go to church, let me give you a dose for your week:

Zechariah 3:1-8.  Go read it!  A few things to note:

- God saw Joshua NOT for who he was but for who he was going to be. If only we could do the same in our daily life?

- Satan (replace with your adversary) pointed out the negative (like I do sometimes) but had to shut up once God reminded him that He saved Joshua.

- Joshua didn't have to change a thing.  God chose him. God changed him.  Salvation is not an act of one's own success!  I love knowing that I'm not a self-made success story; I screw too much up!

Seriously, I could go on but I just keep going back to these 3 points because they are lessons I KNOW I need to hammer into my mind and heart.


 SO, I left church, picked up our sister-cousins, went to Walmart for a few last minute items, ran to the house to get the cakes and cookies, then headed to Alexandria for the par-tay! 


Can I just tell you Nina's World was a success!  The party will get its own week's worth of posts post so be sure to come back tomorrow for the first of many Elmo post!

How was your weekend? How did you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?


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  1. Sounds like a fun filled weekend to me. Your little girl is so beautiful. She has the sweetest smile.


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