Friday, July 5, 2013

Confession: The Move

I figured I'd bid a formal farewell to the town house.  You know, so as to formally transition my fabulous readers into the new place?
I confess: I've been DYING to tell you about the new place.  Like, so excited!
Today, we'll discuss the spaces I plan to provide the most updates on.  I'll have some before and after shots and it'll be a big deal for us when we're done.  My plan is to take all of you on the journey along with us as we figure out how to make this house our home.
Munch went from a small room where there was just enough walking space around her twin bed and tall dresser:

... To a much larger space.  She has the auxiliary room above our 2 car garage.  I fell SO in love with the space (the architectural details, the large closet, the bump outs, the steps leading down into the room) that I wanted to use that space for my craft room.  It's too bad that my two roommates (the man and child) took a vote and I lost.

Can you imagine how EXCITED I am to vacuum her bedroom? *rolls eyes*

Thank goodness Hubbs does it.

In the old home, my craft room was a small area in the unfinished portion of our basement (next to the laundry area).

I never wanted to hang out in the space so I pretty-much ran down there to grab what I needed and quickly brought it to the kitchen table.  As you can probably imagine, I had craft junk in most of the rooms in our home.  My new space is probably 4 times the size and has an awesome view of the golf course (our backyard).  It will remain a pile of craft crap until I take the time to make it pretty, lol.

Moving On... 

We went to the furniture store in the middle of our move and fell in love with a great dining room set (it was very expensive but the floor model came with the same warranty to replace it for any defects AND it was priced at a huge discount) - SOLD!!

As if moving wasn't enough, Hubbs decided to save on costs, rented a truck and moved it off the floor that same day.  I know he was tired but he knew I was excited to have the set in the space.
I plan to share updates on each of these, and other, spaces in upcoming posts (I've made a few minor changes that I can't wait to share).
I just wanted to share our moving experience because it was difficult.
Thinking back, the more we moved out, the more the mess seemed to grow; stuff was just never-ending:

But we did close:
Our realtor.

Even though it took 3 days and a bunch of strong guys, we were OFFICIALLY out of the old and in the new:

Now, all we had to do was eat!

After all, you need energy for unpacking.

Isn't God amazing?!

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