Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Independence Day - The Wrap Up

Hi, Islanders!
I'm back from our holiday break and I'm feeling refreshed and ready to tell you ALL about it!
First, the family piled into the car and headed to Georgia!!
While these two slept:
I had the pleasure of laughing with my parents.
During our conversation, my mom and I caught up on our trash t.v.  Dad interjected that he saw one of the reality stars at his local Starbucks... We didn't believe him.
He went on to elaborate that she was driving her Range Rover.
We laughed loudly in disbelief.
Annoyed, he announced that he approached her and complimented her shoes.
I guess we should HUSH.  After all, he did drive all the way down...
The weather got really rough late that night so we stayed in SC overnight until the storm passed.
We woke and hit the road after breakfast.
When we arrived, we checked into the hotel and went straight to my PawPaw's for the family cookout.  IDK if being in the south was my justification BUT Munch wore more bows thanI think she ever has on the 4th of July:
She is just too big for me!
We ate a southern BBQ meal and laughed until it hurt well into the night.  The guys played cards:
and I was entertained by my aunt Terri.  We all noticed her filter is NON-existent.  She explains that it's just a matter of her concern for her health.
"If someone does you wrong, CUSS THEM OUT.  Don't hold that in.  You tell 'em off 'til you feel better.  Then move on."  ~ My beloved Aunt Terri
To conclude our night, Mom, Munch and I joined PawPaw's neighbors for some fireworks:
Mom and I made a date to thrift shop.  We visited some GREAT places.
First stop?  Gina's Junk on Buena Vista Road.  We got some amazing items and admired her work.  She transformed furniture into fun conversation pieces simply by sanding and painting them with a POP of color. I can't WAIT to try this technique myself... Stay tuned for projects :)
Gina's Junk was great!  She crammed so many cool things into that tiny place that we REALLY needed to walk through twice.
Mom purchased an antique type writer and fence post (imagine a HUGE finial) and I was pleased as punch with my antique clip on earrings, a retro poster-inspired small box, a cognac-colored leather doctor's bag (the perfect purse) and an antique tin shaped like a circus carousel.
We couldn't walk through again but did check out the tent of $5 items.  I found a basket of pine cones that were really cool.  The pine cones were coated in a wax and made to be tossed in the flames of a fire to give off a wonderful scent and a light show - how cool?!
While I was excited about my pine cone find, mom found a friend:
Despite the sign's warning, mom decided to pet him - crazy, I know.
Anyhoo, we had places to go and a family spaghetti dinner at 5 so we kept it moving to the Front Porch.
What's the Front Porch, you ask?
Only the Front Porch of the South!  It's a huge (130,000 sf) antique mall full of goodies!
We found some amazing things! Here's our loot:
Mom got an iron orchestra, 2 green porcelain finials, a copper pedestal vase, a silver candle holder (it's shaped like drift wood), a small wooden River sign and 2 hounds tooth pillows.  I got a colorful floral centerpiece for my kitchen table and a small plate/bowl for my craft room desk.
We were very calculated with our purchases and asked all the right questions:
"How much is TOO much for this?"
"Where are you going to put that in your house?"
I just LOVE shopping with my mommy!
We finished and headed to Auntie Terri's for the spaghetti dinner.  It was a good hot meal with family.  The men went to a cigar bar and as soon as they headed out the front door, auntie turned on the down south music and we started groovin'... It doesn't take much for a family dance party, lol.
We decided to combine the family fish fry with two of our younger cousins' birthday party. 
While we waited on the food to finish cooking, Mom and I hit up another antique mall for some thrift shopping. I can't WAIT to share what I picked up.  It'll be in some of the room updates soon enough:)
Back at the fish fry, there was so much food it was ridiculous.  Well, so much food and family; Munch had a blast with all of her pretty cousins!!
Of course, there was a family basketball game going on. Hubbs got in on the action :)
Meanwhile, my introverted daddy, a few of my aunties and I enjoyed Django.  Apparently, I HAD to watch it or I ran the risk of NOT remaining in the family.
We headed home.  Well, NOT before we stopped for some good ol' peaches!  We tried to stop in GA but, because of the rain, the peaches weren't in good shape (from what the locals told us).  So, just outside of the border, we decided on the Peach Basket.
The owner, Jolley, is a former Marine.  He was so nice.  Hubbs and I saw the cider and wanted to know what it tasted like.  He gave our family a taste and I PROMISE YOU both the peach and the strawberry ciders were like sipping the freshest, ripest, most perfectest piece of fruit *like* ever.
Mom and I both brought ciders and peaches back: 
It's amazing to meet the orchard owners and hear them say, "they were on the tree this morning so give 'em 2 days.  Be the best peaches you ever did eat!"
After tasting those ciders, I believe them.
Lucky for you, you can visit the Peach Basket site here to order some of your own cider, salsa or preserve.  Take my word, they are delish!
With our peaches in hand, it was time to get serious about making it home. I am loving this pic of the man and Munch.  Isn't it cute?
I hope your Independence weekend was awesome. 
What did you do? 

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