Monday, July 22, 2013

Big Girl Room - The Armoire

Howdy, Islanders!

I shared the wish list for Munchface's big girl room on Friday.  O, you don't remember? 

You can check out the post with more information here.


When I see that board, I get excited.  I had this vision and I just want it to all come together.  I think it FINALLY is :)

My goal is to purchase timeless pieces that will grow with her through the next phases of life.  Now, I'm sure she won't have a twin-sized bed forever BUT it's such a timeless and quality piece that, with the warranty, we should be able to preserve it for a very long time... We will change bedding and colors, I'm sure.  We will NOT, however, need to buy the large pieces.

One large piece I haven't talked about is the armoire.

So... As it stands, Munch's toys are piled into one of her large nooks in her room.

Among the other gripes listed in the pic, that pile of toys is blocking the future homework nook (desk, chair, cute little desk things to hold pencils and crayons, boards for her works of art, etc.) and the pile MUST be moved soon.  Plus, we plan to get the desk, chair and other room stuff by her birthday so it really has to happen soon.

In the town house, the kid's room was so small that I didn't want ANY toys in there.  One Christmas Hubbs bought and built Munch a cabin in the basement.  Like, a real cabin... She had a Princess tv, 2 chairs, a picket fence with a rooster on top.  It was a REAL cabin.

Anyhoo, with the cabin downstairs, it made sense that we create a play area for her down there also.  I loved it - cute and pretty little girl room upstairs, plastic tacky nonsense in the basement (the man cave, lol). In the new house, however, Hubbs justified Munch getting the larger room to contain the toy mess (we talked about how I lost that battle in this post).  Now, we purged a lot with the move but we still have a pile o' plastic toys in that homework area.  UGH!  I just want her room to be pretty.  Functional but pretty.

Queue the armoire!

I've been drooling over pretty armoires for a few years:

I want to maximize Munch's space as much as possible.  I think an armoire is the WAY to go... Think about it, I want a reading nook, a homework station, an entertainment center/bookcase, a game table with chairs and a storage piece for toys.  That's a lot, right?!  I need to get her toys off the floor!
I hunted on Craigslist for the perfect armoire.  One that could hold her dress-up toys and dolls (and their plethora of clothing)...  One that didn't cost more than $50 because I want to paint it and change the knobs...  I searched for weeks and no luck.
I received an email from a church member that said she was GIVING an armoire away to the first person who wanted it. I responded almost immediately.
I didn't care WHAT it looked like, it was FREE and that made it PERFECT!  I loaded it up in the car and, looking all kinds of crazy, the kid and I rode home (she was holding a drawer and a cotton candy maker...WHAT? I had an event the day before and you already KNOW I don't clean out my car).
Lucky for me, the armoire really is perfect.  I'll post a 'before' pic in the tutorial... Let's first discuss my plan, shall we?
I want to paint it pink.  No, not HOT pink or baby pink or Pepto pink... I want it to be antique pink.  A pink that has a little dirt to it... A little depth.  Am I crazy?
While thrift shopping with mommy (have I mentioned how much I love doing that?)a little while ago, I stumbled upon this old jewelry box (for only $2).

I just loved it.  The aged gold, the details... It was pink but been-through-something pink.  I bought it. 
...and THAT is my inspiration for the armoire. 
Maybe it doesn't make sense to you yet but I'll try to demonstrate in pictures.  Yes, of course I googled pink armoire to determine what color would work for me. 
I don't want this:
or this:

I. want. this:

I love it.

I've also been stalking Hobby Lobby's drawer pull selection to complete the look.  WISH ME LUCK!


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