Friday, July 26, 2013

Gallery Wall - Done. For Now.

Yesterday, I shared the process by which the family room gallery was hung.
IDK why but, when I'm expecting guests, I have a tendency to get things done.  This past weekend, Hubbs' family made our home a stop on their journey further south for their annual vacation.

It was the kick in the butt we needed to wrap up some of the pending smaller projects.  One of those projects was the gallery wall.

O HUSH, I know you just heard about it but, let the imaginary record reflect, it stayed just like that (empty frames) for a month.  REAL LIFE STUFF HERE, Islanders.  Don't judge.


It was time to order prints and to call in my reinforcements.  Once again, my boo came to the rescue to help get 'er done:

We taped the photos to the frames to finalize placement.

Then we re-arranged them (Sheena was my personal Vana White):

We removed the frames, inserted the photos and rehung the frames.

I can't get a good pic with my cell phone so we'll just plan for the pretty pics when I break out the fancy camera for the final room reveal (if I ever get the room finished, lol).

YAY for crossing projects off your to-do list when guests are eating dinner in your kitchen, lol.  I love it.  We all do.  We love it so much that we might add another row (or 2).  After all, like Hubbs just said, it's time for some new family photos anyway.

I still have the fireplace built-ins, wall-mounting the t.v., hanging large artwork over the sofa opposite this wall, window treatments, purchasing a new coffee table or ottoman and arm chair to take care of before I can call it done.

Are you overwhelmed hearing about it?  So are my purse strings!

I may be moving at a turtle's pace but I'm moving.

Bright side, people.  Bright side.


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