Monday, July 15, 2013

Awkward Moment!

The Award for Most Awkward Event Planner Moment goes to...

My sweet brother-in-law, Darren, reached out to me for assistance planning a baby shower.

Yes, you read correctly.  Darren was planning a shower for his best friend, Jade.  She was expecting her first child, his god daughter.

I could sense the panic in his text and agreed to help.  He later informed me that the dad-to-be (D2B) was responsible for food and Darren was handling everything else.  We started brainstorming 2 months before the event.  

I needed to know more about Mom-to-Be (M2B).  What did she like?  What's the nursery theme?  What's her favorite color?  What kind of food does she eat?

In order to host a successful event, you must identify your audience and cater your vision to one of the things that will make them happy.  Our planning sessions felt like research papers, lol.  It was a challenge because I needed to know my client without ever meeting her.

Darren said that she didn't want anything pink and was actually considering a turquoise color scheme for the room.


I chose the Tiffany's theme.  It's ultra feminine without the frills of pink.  I don't know Jade so I figured a classic theme would work best... PLUS, what woman doesn't adore a Tiffany's box, right?!

We ordered the invites from Becca Lee Paperie.

In this case, I wanted it to be clear to guests that this wasn't going to be a shower you'd expect 2 guys to plan.  The invitation needed to set the tone for a fabulous event.

Darren, Munch and I shopped.

He actually kidnapped me for a few hours on a few occasions to ensure he got everything perfect.

I set to crafting.

 Tutorials coming soon, I promise.

Darren was loving how it was all coming together.

Then, I got the news that I wouldn't be in town the day-of the shower to help with set-up.  Darren panicked.  He kept texting me asking exactly how things would be set-up. I assured him that it would go off without a hitch.

We were good.

Lucky for him, our travel plans fell through so I was available to set-up.

The shower was scheduled for noon.  I woke,  loaded my car with all of the crafts that I spent hours of my time on... The décor we shopped for... My beloved apothecary jars... The rush of event execution had my stomach in knots. I was ready.  Ready.

I left my house at 9:30 a.m.  The shower location, surprisingly enough, was only 5 minutes away.

I pulled up to see folks unloading food and chairs and tables...

"Alright, Tabitha.  You are an event planning guru.  There is no party problem you can't solve.  When in doubt EDIT.  Remove.  Clutter-free execution will best allow guests to SEE your hard work and attention to detail.  You got this.  Lord, let this service of love make others see you in me."

My internal pep talk was done. I gulped some water and jumped out of the car ready to go.

Sunglasses on.

Ninja pony tail slicked:

I was ready.

As soon as I stepped out my car, Darren hollered from the driveway,

"Tabby, you know him?!"

It was a guy in a hat and glasses.  "No. I don't know him."

Guy (throws his cap and shades to the ground and all EXTRA hype yells): YES YOU DO! YES. YOU. DO!


Is that?  No.  It's not.  BLINK.  Blink again.  Is it--YEP, it is.

Me (shaking my head and looking away): Yea.  Yea, I know him.

Islanders, could it be?  All those hours of my time?  All the work I put in.  All this effort to help execute a fabulous shower... 

Did I really just plan my best friend's ex-boyfriend's shower?

Now, by way of history, I publicly could not stand him.  I've seen him several times since the breakup a few years ago... As a matter of fact, I just saw him at the movies with a pregnant girl-- was that? NO!  That's Jade?!  Thinking back, I didn't turn to speak.  I didn't even acknowledge that we were sharing the same air. UGH.

Now, here I stand. On the sidewalk.  With a car full of baby shower crap for this stupid shower for this stupid guy.  UGH.

I have officially broken the Girl Code.  Thou shall not do anything nice for the ex of thou's friends.

You know that code.

Did I pack it up?  Did I grin and bear it?  

You'll find out tomorrow.

Just know God has a sense of humor, doesn't he?  He will take your 'I WOULD NEVERs' and make you eat your words.

Have you ever been in an AWKWARD moment where you realized the world is too small?

DO share in the comments! 

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