Friday, July 12, 2013

Father's Day Fun

So, I'm late.  I wasn't even going to mention it BUT I stumbled upon some fun photos that I thought I'd share with - more like dump onto - the island.  I have to constantly remind myself, this island is mine. I can talk about what I want when I want...
So, since it's Friday, and Friday starts with an -f and ends with a -y,  I'm going to share the Father's Day wrap-up.  Here goes...
We woke Hubbs with his cards and gifts.  Munch was so excited.  As she's gotten older, she loves the element of surprise and I was shocked that she didn't blurt out what he got as she carried his gifts in, lol.
I made a gift bow out of funky dress socks (his latest thing).  The sock bow topped his wrapped memory foam pillow he's been wishing for.  Hubbs wear bow ties and I found him some really unique ties:
They're made of WOOD!
Hubbs LOVED all of his gifts.  He's known for his thoughtful gifts so it was nice to see him grin from ear to ear when he opened them.
As we were getting ready for church, Hubbs made a request that I wear a certain dress.  It's a very cute dress.  Shorter than I normally wear to church BUT, as he reminded me when I put it on,
"Yeeeeaaaa, it's DADDY DAY!"
I can't.
We piled in the car.
Sure, we were late to church but no big deal, right?  WELL, until I noticed my dear friend, 'Queda, and her crew surprised us by coming into town for church!
Of course, afterwards, Munch wanted to ride with Gilly Bean and JuniBoy.
My baby brudder, Dave, took the dads (my dad, 'Queda's hubby and Brian) for pedis, drinks and a movie while we prepped for dinner.
Back at my parents' home, our little ladies played dress-up in Grandma Lisa's hats:
... and I was bossed around the kitchen by these two:
I made my sweet cornbread.  'Queda made her icebox cake and mom made deviled eggs, stuffing and greens.  I set-up my gift for Dad as a surprise when he returned:
We all piled into our cars and headed to my udder-brudder, Mike's, house for a family dinner.  There were daddies galore on the premises:
We left for home while there was still some sunlight.  All in all, I wanted to spend the day recognizing the men in my life.  They may not do *insert task here* like mommy but their consistent example of what a good man is helps mold our little people into better people.  On the way home, I snapped a pic of Hubbs pumping gas and it reminded me of all the things he does for me. 
I don't have to pump my own gas or handle yard work or kill house spiders.  He takes the trash out, locks up the house at night, handles the car service, hangs heavy pictures, vacuums (as long as I ask him to), and so much more. 
Yes, he gets on my last nerve.  He buys expensive sneakers UNnecessarily.  He listens to his music way too loud.  He yells at the video game.  He annoys me to NO end... But I love him.  I love the father he has become to my daughter and I know I'm blessed to have him (even when I don't want to act like it).
When we got home, he insisted it was still his day and I had to do whatever he wanted...  Which included watching sports and playing checkers.
He also insisted that I had to be on the same sofa with him and, SURELY watching sports was TORTURE enough, right?!  When I didn't move fast enough, this is what happened:
AND lovin' it.

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