Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bucket List - Update 1

I figured now that the Vegas wedding updates are finished, I'd provide an update on my Dirty30 Bucket List.

Hubbs and I are in a great place.  We've reconnected like never before.  We date, we cuddle, we talk... We truly are best friends.  Isn't that great news?  Well, it is for us.

We'll get more into that soon enough... Maybe my improved relationship is possible partially because I feel like I found my sexy. 

Feeling cute before a family date night.

Can you see him watching me and NOT the road? LOL.

I found my sexy like I just stopped by the lost-and-found, recognized it from across the room, picked it up and kept it moving like I never lost it. 

I snuck in some sexy by wearing a cute sundress with cutouts on the sides...  It was Hubbs' birthday, lol.  I showed a little skin.

Now, I didn't say I was sexy... I said I found MY sexy.  As in my own version of the very-best me there is.  I feel good.  I feel like I look good because, again, I genuinely feel good.

On a recent impromptu dinner with the girls, they made me feel like a superstar because they were really encouraging me through this whole beauty thang.  Plus, they recognized I was rockin' my makeup and heels, lol.

I've been wearing makeup everyday... Not like makeup-makeup but it is makeup for me.  I can't wait to share my "routine" because I'm just so frikkin' excited to say I have one, lol.


I get facials.  I have my me time.  I've connected with a fabulous hair stylist who knows how to maintain my hair with minimal heat damage AND she's 5 minutes from my home.  I will, however, continue on my hunt to find the perfect jeans and to attend a blogger conference.

The other two bucket list items - try lash extensions and join a gym - are... well, I mean -- they have an update, I guess.

First, on a routine trip to the nail shop (mistake #1),  I mentioned that I was considering trying lash extensions.  I was there for waxing but the tech insisted that she was the best in town and if she were in Maryland, she would make LOADS of money and blah blah blah.  She would not shut up about it.  So, against my better judgment, in my weak moment of desired quiet, I agreed.  She glued 2 little lashes on me.  I looked in the mirror and I could see the glob of glue on my lashes... I could feel them when I blinked... I was GROSSED out.  She didn't give me the look I wanted.  They were too long for everyday wear and I -- I freaked out.  They had to get off of my face immediately.  They were fake lashes NOT eyelash extensions.  I'll try again soon.

Now, this gym business. I am a member of a gym.  I just don't go.  It's the newest gym in Woodbridge.  It's in a great area.  It's huge. O and fancy.  It's REALLY fancy.

It's just 15-20 minutes out of the way and, with everything else we have going on, who has time for that?!

I do, however, have to get my photo i.d. for this facility that I pay to NOT use every month, right?

We'll have more updates soon enough...


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