Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Big Girl Room - The Reading Nook.

Can I just take a moment to freak out about the big girl room?  While, yes, I'm ecstatic about its coming together, I'm also kinda freaking out.  I'm planning for who Munch will become in the design of her new room... Picking out pieces that will suit her now and in the future... Timeless elements that will leave enough canvas to allow her to finish the "painting."  I'm freaking out.

Are we really here, islanders?  I know, we have this one-sided conversation pretty often but, in all fairness, my first grade chapter post (here) wasn't as snot-nosed as it could have been (remember my Kindergarten post?)...

People just don't understand what it feels like to remember this like it was yesterday:

I am excited. I really really am.  The kind of excited that makes you sit awake in your bed wishing you had all the time and money in the world because those are the only things holding you back.
I've taken some things we already had and made progress.  Munch is reading a lot. In an effort to encourage her to read a lot more, we decided to create a reading nook.
Munch has 2 large window coves in her room.  Perfect for keeping functional messes out of the way.  In her old room, we used two ledges to hold pictures, inspirational signs and small décor.  Remember my big girl room inspiration?

When I saw this pic of floating shelves and books:

...I knew it would maximize the space of her nook while designating an area for reading!  I showed Hubbs and he suggested we use her picture ledges we already had because they're nicer and much longer than those pictured. 

I said fine and, with my bossy assistance, he hung them:

The lighting is weird in that area so direct photos are a challenge (especially since I was using my cell).
We only had 2 floating shelves so we'll use another 2 shelves for the other wall.  We also will rotate her books to keep the materials fresh (and appropriate for her reading level).  Have I told you THIS summer, we started reading chapter books?  Well, we have!
Other cool elements for this nook will be a personalized bean bag from Pottery Barn Kids:
Something about personalization is SURE to get her excited to lounge and read by the window... UGH, it sounds so nice already, lol.
I'm debating on a canopy, a mock chandelier (or lanterns) or poms in the area.  I think the little details of this space will serve as a reminder that reading is fun!
Now, after he hung the bookshelves, Hubbs sat on Munch's room steps and proceeded to have a "moment." 
"My wife takes good care of me... I get to live here... I get good food... 'You want some water, hunny?'  'Why yes.'  It's pretty cool..." ~ Hubbs
While he was blabbing away, I was changing out picture frames and organizing books.  I snuck a picture of him having this "moment."
Do you see this guy? That's that fat, full and happy look, lol.  O and please note, the manly man MUST take his shirt off to do manly tasks like... hang floating shelves in a reading nook?  Yea, manly tasks like that. HAHAHA
I guess, I'm not the only one who's learning to appreciate the little things we do for each other.
Cheers to creating spaces that work... for now and the future!

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