Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 16 - Seek Inspiration

When I see something I like in another person's home, I will tell them.  As a homeowner, I know it means a lot for others to appreciate the work I put into making our home special; it's important to me that I return to the favor.
On a recent visit with my new friend, Sherry, I fell in love with her Halloween vignette.  Isn't it fabulous?!
I surround myself with people I admire.  All of my friends are awesome people who possess a myriad of admirable qualities. 
Sherry is a fab mommy who has a budding party planning business. I can't wait to formally introduce her to you guys once her website goes live!
Seriously?! Did you see that heffa's décor though?! That's it. I must get on the ball with our Halloween décor, geesh! 
How does this relate to our 31 Days series?
I am always looking for things to make our home life better.  When I see something that works in someone else's place, I don't hesitate to ask questions.  Heck, it might help better manage our home.  Looking for the best in everyone helps me seek out inspiration; people are a walking Pinterest, lol.  Interesting concept, I know. HAHA.
Anyhoo, because of Sherry, I picked up a few new pieces for our Hallween décor and I'm going to decorate tonight. 

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