Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 8 - The Fun Stuff

Hi, Islanders.

My name is Tabitha.  I'm a decorator-aholic.
I find it difficult to pass a fabulous pillow or a small tchotchke or a pretty picture without feeling the need to have it.  I stroll the aisles of Target in search of amazing affordable pieces (even when I go just for trash bags).  Thrift and antique shops are my favorite places to hunt for unique pieces.  I enter these locations with the eye of determination... Determination to seek and FIND something pretty.

In the new house, I've spent six months fighting this urge. Telling myself I need to think about things before I purchase.  As a result, I've loved every purchase I've made but I've also come to a realization that I may be of OVER-thinking things sometimes.
I have friends and family around me who own beautiful homes.  They've taught me the nesting is active art... as in, happening right now... as in, it won't stop.

They've reminded me that it's ok to refresh my space periodically (within reason).  Now, I mentioned the level of effort required to make my parents feel better about their home in time for Mike's birthday.  Well, one of the fun things for my mom was decorating her spaces.

I watched her face light up fluffing pillows and hanging photos... you know, while doing "fun" stuff.

It hit me.

I've been depriving myself of the "fun" stuff!  I need to get back in the groove of moving things around the home and experimenting until I was satisfied with where decor landed (for that moment).  Hmm, I'm going to allow myself to shop and, more importantly, to shop the fab finds I already have.

Uh-oh, I've got the urge to do something new.  Let's talk tomorrow about quick and affordable ways to refresh spaces :)


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