Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 3 - Editing.


Yes, that.  UGH.

The tasteful art of adding... Deleting... Removing... Tweaking until it's perfect.

I've struggled with this topic for quite some time. Not because I'm attracted to junk around the home OR because I am constantly moving things around the house but because I've always tried to categorize my life in such a way that home wasn't effected by other circumstances.

Reality is, this thought process is not only untrue and small-minded but it stunts the growth of my home.

In recent years, months, days... I've edited my personal life in the best interest of my home life.  

I've had to change my view of myself and my home.  No longer is there an expectation for my home to resemble the cover of my favorite magazines...

Similarly, I am never going to be the mom on the cover of Parents magazine.

Rather than place the pressure on my home and on me to be perfectly printed pages of picturesque images, I've decided we're just pieces of paper.  Sure, those eraser marks removing words and people and feelings I thought were permanent will hurt and they may smudge me.  I must remember , however, nobody cares about the little torn, raggedy piece of paper; it's all about how meaningful and genuine the MESSAGE is.

Home starts within each of its inhabitants.

Have you started editing to showcase the best you?


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