Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 7 - Good As Great

I am supposed to share pics of my pantry today but I've got to interrupt the daily program to share a little about this weekend.
I mentioned we celebrated two birthdays this past weekend, remember?
First, we attended Chazzy's 6 birthday party.  It was a bubble gum theme!
Misty did her thang, as usual :) 
I used my beloved apothecary jars to create a fab candy display and we had a poppin' good time with our little sister-cousin :)
I left the bubble gum party and rushed to my parents' for my brudder, Mike's, beer tasting party:
It was a great time with family and close friends.  I do, however, want to share something.
This party was a major stressor for my parents.  Somewhere along the course of this year, my mom has developed a serious insecurity over her home.  She doesn't think it's big enough, new enough, clean enough or, simply put, good enough.
Mind you, we have always gathered at their home for Sunday dinners, holiday dinners, birthdays - you name it.  Their home is the heart of our family. 
This past year, however, my parents have not hosted a single event at their home.  When my mom announced that she wanted to surprise my brother, she also told me she needed my help pulling together some home projects.
I spent every Sunday since mid-August working with my mom to clear out, donate, redecorate, paint, update - CHANGE her home to be good enough in her eyes.  My parents and I stayed up until close to 4:00 a.m. the day before the party painting, decorating, cooking and WHY?!
Sure, there may have been some external triggers or some opinions that helped drive the changes but still...
With 60 people inside, outside, upstairs and downstairs, one thing was made clear the day-of the party.  Home is not about the standards of others; it's about what is important to the people who live there.
Gone are the days when home was a place for guests to feel comfortable.  You know, when you decorated with the opinions of others at heart... Yes, those days.
Homes are like a favorite pair of jeans... They don't need to fit or look great on anyone but you :)
My back hurts and I'm far too sleep-deprived to share the details of our labor but there is much more to come on the updates at the 'rents' place :)
Stay Tuned,

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