Sunday, May 18, 2014

Snapshot Sunday

I truly believe in finishing my weekend centering myself - church, family, rest, repeat!

I stayed up really late.  I woke really tired. I headed to church knowing that it would be a long day.  I arrived to our church with 15 minutes to spare before we needed to leave to support Mommy's speaking engagement at a Women's Day event for a neighboring church.  We piled into two cars and headed on our way.

I rode with some of my favorite people - fabulous Janice, dear ol' Daddy and a pouty (equally as tired as I) Munchface.  I learned a lot about green smoothies, juicing, homemade healthy ice cream and more along the way... We arrived and settled into our seats.  It was a great service and I thank God this woman:

... Was able to stand, to educate, to encourage and to overcome the health issues from last week.  My mom is amazing and I appreciate her realness.  She isn't one to bite her tongue, she doesn't hide her feelings, she is sensitive and tough... sweet and spicy.

It was a great time and made for the perfect start to my day!  I hurried home to nap before grocery shopping.  Speaking of grocery shopping, I finally allowed Munch to try the watermelon Oreos.  Once we both got our naps, we were back to our normal selves - she wasn't pouting and I wasn't grumpy.

Her reaction to the cookie was priceless!!

"I feel like I'm laying in the sunshine!" - Munchface

I haven't tried the Oreos... yet.  Munch took one cookie to her Grandma Judy.  They shared a moment enjoying the Oreos then the kid came begging me to allow her to stay up a little later; she wanted 15 more minutes with her grandma.  I said yes and what did they do?  Color.

Praying for a productive week!

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