Friday, May 23, 2014

The Game Area Update

OMG!  I *totally* have a cute story.  To start, have I told you how much I LOVE hearing from my readers? Well, I do!  I'm so shocked to learn that people read my blog… I mean, people I know.  Like, the ones I see in my real life.  Yea, those people... it's an amazing feeling.

Back to the story… Mommy texted me the other day to say,

"Isn't it a small world that I have a fat bird sitting in her little room… what a co-winky dink?"

This was in reference to my post about Munchface's new artwork in her room (here).  The text was accompanied by this cute picture:

I love the flower iPod radio, the garden basket and cute little trunk… O and yes, I love her fat yellow bird too.

After I jumped off the rocket that took me to the moon to scream with excitement that someone reads my blog, I rolled my eyes.  MY old room was introduced to me as my MOM'S mom cave and, over time, the truth has come out - it's really for the kid.


Anyhoo, I've gotten some great feedback on this week's topics and today, I'm wrapping the big girl room update with one more minor update:

The Game Area

I shared a photo of the space earlier this week and I mentioned it got a minor update.

Islanders, meet the bird house artwork display! I purchased this affordable set (of clothespins and two anchoring bird cages with a string for hanging) from target 3 years ago.  I never hung it.  As a matter of fact, I just took it out of its packaging around Christmas time... this past December.

3 years.  I know.

Cut me some slack.  I bought it while we were still living in the old house.  There just wasn't any wall space for it but I knew I fell in love with it and that was all that mattered to me.  I stalked it... meaning, I walked through the section and drooled over it upon every visit to Target.  When I saw it drop in price from $14.00 to $3.00, I had to snatch it up!

Munch was excited for the birdie clips most.  Shortly after I hung it, Munch set to finding some of her favorite pieces of artwork to "clip up there," lol.

I am going to have her flower painting professionally framed; I think she did an awesome job on it!

Other items in this area that I love include the game table's lazy Susan.

One of the feature items in the table's center is the 3-tier jewelry stand.  I believe it's from Target but we bought it from the thrift store for $3.  The top two tiers spin outward for easy access and stack for space-saving.  We use it to hold additional clothespins and little crafty clutter things.  There's also this royal item:

It's a soap dish! Purchased from the thrift store for $2, it was on her nightstand for her earrings and such at bedtime.  $2 was a thrift store splurge for me but I know I've seen it at Bed Bath and Beyond for much more.  I also love that it matches her princess trash can (purchased during the same visit for $5).

I love the details on this pretty vase:

We use it to store the writing utensils and I think it was one of my fabulous granny finds (we've talked about my streak of granny in my thrifty hunt).  Don't give me that look! I know you love it too… right?!  Just look at its little feet:

I wanted to plant a small succulent in it for an idea I have for my craft room... Munch wasn't sold on it at first but, when I said it could also hold her pencils, she was all in!

Anyhoo, I love how her room is coming together and, because this is the area that's undergone the most change recently (with the table and wall art), I guess one could say this is the area that started all the recent Big Girl Room updates!

Do you have a small project that could kick your room's design into gear?  What's holding you back?
I hope you have a fabulous and productive weekend! 

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