Thursday, May 1, 2014


I interrupt our Spring Cleaning posts to share a Throwback Thursday (TBT) photo of my parents.
Isn't it lovely?  Well, today marks 32 years since they exchanged vows at my grandparents' home in Columbus, GA.  That's right.  I grew up in a home with two people who were REAL. 
My dad smacks when he chews gum and it annoys my mom to no end.  They've moved his office twice -from the designated area on the lower level to my brother's old room upstairs (next to the mom cave) - yet he still makes a mess of the kitchen table and it drives Mom batty.  Dad gives his last dollar to people and will have to ask mom for more... She always wonders where his money's going... then, she'll figure out he's given it away or loaned it to someone or had to replace something he gave away.
Mom is a messy neat-freak with clothes in 2 closets and 2 wardrobes.  She buys new outfits for every trip or major event and it drives Dad insane.  She puts pretty pillows on their bed and Dad hates that she doesn't want him to lay on them.  She sleeps with the t.v. on and Dad would prefer it to be dark.  She thrift shops wayyy too much for my dad's liking... She cooks like a southern bell and sometimes it's just to be sure her sickly neighbors have food to eat.  She's adopted 13 children (that I can think of off the top of my head) who claim her as their mom... even more who call her Mom... She is his smile.  He is her heart.  She is his southern bell.  He is her city boy.
They speak a secret language... they have never-ending inside jokes... she wiggles, he shakes but seldom are either on beat.  Alicia, my mom, is his 'Licious.  David, my dad, is her Bubba.  Together, they comprise BubbaLicious... A two-man crew with an undeniable connection, an unquenchable desire to help and the most AWESOME daughter in the world.
I mean, this is my island, right?
I am privileged to call them Mommy and Daddy.  I am unashamed to still climb in the bed with my mom and collapse in my daddy's arms.  Why?  Because their love for each other fostered an environment for their children to be just that, children.  I hope and pray to set out to impact my world as much as my parents have.
They're amazing separately but together? 
Happy Anniversary, BubbaLicious.
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  1. What a precious post about your parents. Beautiful tribute to them.


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