Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

I didn't want to come into the office today.  I've been in training and away for over a week but, after my weekend, I was just exhausted.

What'd I do, you ask?

Friday, I crafted our Spring wreath. Yep, finally.  It's done.

Don't worry, I plan to share the tutorial this week so get excited!

Saturday, I met with my June 21st bride.  She's a hoot!  Lots of fun and energy and... well, decisions.

One of which is the veil.  I posted a funny video of the back-and-forth on Instagram and it was really just to give some insight into my life as a wedding planner, lol.

After my meeting, I headed to join the Hubbs and Munch at his basketball finals game(s).  One of our pleasant surprises was Chazzy and Deb were there!  The girls haven't seen each other since my birthday back in January.  There were giggles, tickles, running and funny stories and nothing about boys... because "everyone thinks I like him but I really don't!!!" exclaimed an adamant Munch from the backseat with Chazzy.  When the game ended (they lost in the semi-finals), we headed to Vapiano's and the girls ate at their own little table in the lounge... it was SO stinkin' cute.

It was a fun night and served as a great segue into Mother's Day.  I woke early for church and left the other two asleep.  They arrived and I was surprised how well Hubbs did on Munch's ponytails when they walked through the door.  Throughout the morning, Mom wasn't feeling well.  She complained of pains in her lower abdomen, shortness of breath and nausea.  She sat in the front row and stayed there.  Sick.  During Dad's sermon, she had to leave the sanctuary.  Of course, I followed.  I could tell something was up with her.  I rushed outside to my mom and she stood caved over behind a car, dry heaving and gagging.  She was really bad off and it broke my heart to see tears stream down her cheeks.

We got some fluids in her and sat her down inside.  I took her blood pressure and the numbers were alarmingly high!  My brother Mike, the cop, recommended we take her to the Fire & Rescue squad just down the street.  Once there, they took her blood pressure and confirmed the numbers were too high to send her home.  While they strapped her in the stretcher, the Sergeant explained signs of heart attack and stroke materialize differently in women - dizziness, headaches, nausea, shortness of breath, etc.  Just to be sure she was ok, they were going to transport her to the hospital.


On Mother's Day.  Remember last Mother's Day (more here) when she was released just 2 days before the holiday?

Well, once again,  I was shaken at the thought of losing Mommy... and on Mother's Day, no less.

6 hours later, after tons of tests, a medical system that crashed, a waiting room full of our family and a few church members, we waited.  Sure, we made the best of waiting - with snacks and high spirits - but we waited nonetheless.

Finally, I was allowed back to see Mom.  It was Munch, Mom and I in the room.  The sounds of the heart monitor were comforting…  beep beep beep.  I memorized her face... how perfect her cheeks are... the way her eyes nearly disappear when she smiles... how perfectly white her teeth are... how smooth her skin is... how her arms are made for hugging (soft but strong)... how she's worn Red Door so long that its permanently infused into her skin.

My God! I love that woman.

She was dehydrated... far too dehydrated for her medication "cocktail" to work.  Empty stomach.  High blood pressure.  New meds.

It was a lot of little things that snowballed into a BIG deal. 

FINALLY, she was discharged and hungry.  We fed her some good food.

It was a great dinner.

My mom gave me an awesome spa set (it included a robe, a mask, and an assortment of lotions and oils).  When I arrived home, sweet cards and thoughtful gifts were sitting on the kitchen counter.

Munch read a cute little poem she wrote in school about me and my favorite things; it was so cute.

Opening my "poem card"

The best part, however, was when Munch said, "WELCOME TO MY SPA!"  She opened the gift set, Youtubed spa music to set the mood and gave me an awesome back rub and facial.

She told me lie down in another area of her "spa" (aka the family room floor).  She removed my mask and said, "I'm on a break so, " *puts on mask* "I'm gonna lay here too."

I glanced over and she was so relaxed, I had to snap a pic.

Hubbs watched the entire ordeal and just as Munch settled down, he announced that he was going to get my dessert.

Cheesecake Factory and champagne.

He tucked the kid in and joined me on the family room floor for sweets and cuddles... such a relaxing way to end a stressful day.

How was your weekend?


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