Friday, May 2, 2014

A Weekend I PLANNED For

Happy Friday, Islanders!

I've been so busy this week preparing for this weekend's festivities.  First, I purchased the last-minute supplies for the Sofia the First birthday party (inspiration board here)to include:

- Amulet favor necklaces (I bought pretty purple gems for a DIY version but it would've been more labor and more money to execute):

- The crayons were really cheap and will be perfect for the coloring sheets (sheets were a FREE online printable):

- The tissue paper poms for the photo chandeliers are ready to go!

Tonight, I'm going to take my newest drink dispenser (from the thrift store for $7!!!) over to the party mom's home:

I'll also help to put together favor gable boxes (ordered from eBay for dirt cheap):

We're loading her car with everything and I'm out!  My only remaining task will be to put together the centerpieces like the ones in our inspiration board, remember?

All-in-all, I'm sure this party will be awesome.  We've got beautiful little elements to tie it together and cute games for the little ones to enjoy.  I'll assist with set-up and I'll be around for some of the party.  Misty, my awesome baker boo-thang, will be meeting me with the wedding cake, cupcakes and groom's cake for my rustic bride during the party.  She'll load her fabulous treats into my car and I'll head down the road to the wedding venue.

O, don't look surprised. I told you the Sofia the First party was May 3rd and the Rustic wedding was May 4th.  I didn't?  O, I thought I did.  Well, I know I told you I was busy this month.  You should've believed me, lol.

So, for the rustic wedding, I've been plugging away at my tasks!  I've actually completed all of my upfront tasks for the day.  The candy buffet display mock-up, designed all of the signage and programs, finalized the floral order and even the S-W-E-E-T-S banner is complete (tho, I had to visit multiple Michael's in search of the wooden -S I needed):

Shoot, just last night I finished the water bottle labels (both printing and gluing):

When I tell you I've had a busy week... I've been setting and meeting my goals for projects everyday, planning out everything in advance... Basically, channeling my inner Sheena (my business partner and bestie who executes impeccable events from the planning stages)... Man, I'm ready.  I'm not stressing.  Nope.  Not this chick. I'm ready.

O, I also handed over the Minecraft invitations on Tuesday and will begin to work on the other events for this month next week!

I hope your day and weekend are productive! O and I can't wait to share pics from the party and wedding next week!  See you then!


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