Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sofia the First Party Wrap-Up

It's Throwback Thursday!!

My Munch used to love to happy squeal!

In celebration of the weekly holiday around social media, let's talk about a pretty little FIRST birthday party, shall we?

The party went off without a hitch on May 3.  You may recall that my rustic wedding was scheduled for the following day so I had a crazy-busy weekend ahead of me.  Friday, I picked up the cake and headed over to Jasmine's and Tony's home to wrap-up some minor projects like rolling silverware, dropping off additional supplies and confirming Jasmine had everything for the big day.  I left really late and headed home to get settled, to pack for the rustic wedding (I had to leave for the wedding from the party) and to squeeze in some sleep.


Jasmine and I arrived and we unloaded our cars.  She started to blow-up the balloons and set-up for her arch.

What?! Yes, she did it by herself.  Don't give me that look.

Now, I told ya'll that I don't do balloons.  I mean, I liked the idea but, because they aren't my thing and they weren't in my plan (here), I wasn't going to spend my time on that party element.  We had two hours.  I had a LOT to do.

First up? The royal table.

I lined the tiaras and crowns around our free printable sign that read, "WELCOME Royal Guests."  The crowns are extra special to me because I painted the gems on them.

What's that purple fabric in the background, you ask?  They're CAPES for the little princes.  Jasmine texted me about favors.  She was concerned the girls had amulets:

and tiaras:

and wands:

What about the boys?  What do they get at a Princess Party? I responded that every prince needs a cape!!  I thought we could order some napkins and hot glue ribbon to create a "clasp."  She, being her multi-talented self, decided to hand sew capes for the boys instead.

Once the welcome side of the table was finished, I set-up the favor and prize side.  Favors included:  Sofia the first tambourines and bubbles for girls.

… flutes and bubbles for boys.

I repurposed one of the free printable tags for the favors side of the table.

O and the prizes.  Well, here's the thing.  We planned to place favors in gable boxes.  I found the cutest boxes on eBay for $2.22/dozen.  Learn from my mistakes and look at measurements and pictures.  Had I paid attention, I would've noticed the hershey kiss next to the box for scale.  They arrived the day before the party and I excitedly opened the package to see this:

Tiny, right?! BUT, we paid our money so I decided to use them for the prizes.

Yep. One year old and one dollar prizes.

We ordered satin tablecloths but we did use plastic table cloths - on the food table and on the dining room entrance.

View from the foyer.

It's awesome what tape will do, right?

View from inside the dining room.

 My next big project?  The pom chandeliers.

Jazz had a vision to hang a birthday banner between the chandelier - done!

She also wanted to incorporate pictures of Lea's first year around the space.  I decided to create a focal point on each of the chandeliers.

Six photos per chandelier made for a fabulous party element!

Next task?  Centerpieces.

Each centerpiece had a picture of Lea.  We had two bird cages, two mason jar arrangements and four potted plants that I spruced up with color-coordinating blooms.

The Food

In the multi-purpose room, we set-up the buffet line.

The menu consisted of a variety of pizza, fruit salad, side salad, chicken, Ryan's donut kabobs:

...and (my favorite part) Jasmine's mom's vintage popcorn machine!

The multi-purpose room was also the place for kids' eating and activities.  The table was set with coloring pages, Sofia the First crayons, amulets, plastic cups and… well, wipeable surfaces, lol.

I can't forget to share that Jasmine's help arrived and she was able to finish and hang the balloon arch; it turned out fabulous!

You can see she was proud of herself and decided to strut through my pic, lol.

We were all set-up:

People started to arrive.

Our little guests were royally adorned:

Games were ready for playing:

Apple Pickin'  - the person who picks a lollipop "apple" with a painted bottom will win a prize

Pin the Amulet on Sofia.
With everything set-up, I had to roll…  I kissed on baby cheeks and hit the road for the rustic wedding!

O, wait!  Our gift to Lea was the birthday cake!

I coordinated with my boo, Misty, to create a fabulous little cake.

 She paid close attention to the details.

In addition to the cake, I ordered her a small backpack from Pottery Barn Kids:

My favorite part is the personalization:

It'll be the perfect size for her to carry when she starts walking OR for Jasmine and Tony to use when the big bag isn't necessary.

I was unable to stay for the party festivities but I heard it was a lot of fun… I wish I could've enjoyed the fun but I had to get to Glen Allen, Va for the wedding.  I'll share the rustic wedding as soon as I get pics from the photographer.

Don't worry!  There's plenty more fun to come!  I've got a fun project to share tomorrow :)


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  1. awh I looove it ! i have been reading your blog posts for over an hour and juat realized i needed to be making your cheesecake ! Over and out brussel sprout!


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