Friday, June 13, 2014

Craft Room - The Breakdown.

AHHHHH! Yesterday, I shared my inspiration board for the craft room.  It probably seems like developing an inspiration board is a lot of work... especially for those folks who don't blog or have to share ideas with an audience but... let me just say, these inspiration boards really help to drive the design of my rooms AND to store my items for purchase in one place.  Thanks for e-listening, Islanders :)

That pink on the top half of the board is the actual e-swatch for the wall color! I love having it on the board because I can see how the color combo ties together! Can you tell I'm pee-on-myself-like-a-hyper-puppy excited?! 
Let's get to the breakdown, shall we?
1.  Curtain fabric.  It's affordable and durable and CHEAP!  I plan to have 2 panels framing the window ONLY. I don't ever foresee closing the curtains so it will only serve as a decorative element.
Plus, for $7.99/yard, how could I refuse?
2. Memo board. Do you remember the easy cork board re-do for Munch's big girl room (tutorial here)? I'm going to use the same thrifty technique (and supplies I have on hand) to create a similar board for my craft room.
3. Cabinets!  I am going to visit the salvage yard and/or craigslist to purchase 2 kitchen cabinets.  I will paint the cabinets black and purchase a laminate countertop on the cheap. They'll be placed along the wall with the entry door and provide storage for my fave party supplies.  The space between the cabinets will serve as a desk and workspace for small projects.  This will also be the area with the memo board(s) and floating shelves.
4.  Graphic rug.  I've been in the market for rugs and the ones I love are nearing the $1,000 mark.  I just can't bring myself to pay that much and I can't seem to luck up and stumble upon the perfect rug when I check out the Marshall's/TJMaxx/HomeGoods selections. I was excited to find this rug, in its large size, for ONLY $35!!! It's low profile and graphic print will be perfect in the center of the room under the craft table.
5. Seating.  The black chair is less than $50 at Ikea.  I already have a black computer chair and I may wind up using it if the budget doesn't permit purchasing a new one (we'll see).  The gold chair is my choice for the cabinet workstation.  I love chivari chairs and my chair may not be this fancy but it will definitely be gold.
6. Pillows.  I would like pillows for lumbar support in each of my chairs.  It helps that they will be pretty and provide visual interest around the space.
7.  I'm designing crafty and inspirational artwork for the room's feature wall. I'm planning to create a collage with black and/or gold frames.  I'd like to find large scissors to hang on the wall and potentially some vinyl words/letters.  I expect most of my items will be thrifty transformations but I am most excited about a pair of scissors like this:
8.  The craft table and seating.  Last July, I purchased an oval kitchen table to paint and use as my craft table.  It's in my garage waiting for me to paint it.  I've struggled with the color decisions for this space and, at one time, I planned to make THIS my pop of color in the room.  Now that I've settled on the wall color, I've decided the table will be white... a BRIGHT white.  At the table, I'll have my computer chair but I'd also like to have seating for my friends and visitors.  I found this bench at Walmart for $55: 
It's a dining bench and, with the black base, it will really help to anchor that area (I'd paint the top white to match the table).  I'm unsure, however, if I want a bench or if I'd rather pick-up the traditional wooden kitchen chairs I see at the thrift stores all the time.  I could *totally* just paint those chairs black. I mean, chairs with backs would mean more pretty pillows, right?  Such a tough decision... Hmm.... we'll see.
9.  Lighting.  I have a fabulous thrift lamp in the garage.  I plan to spray paint it gold for the cabinet workspace.  O and speaking of lighting, I will also price out the installation of an overhead light fixture for the craft table space.  I want a chandelier... what?!  That's too much?   I mean, I didn't mean right now... but I do want a chandelier.  Plus, I've been checking eBay for affordable sparkle and there's HUNDREDS priced under $75 (with FREE SHIPPING)!

 Dreams, people.  Don't go crushing my dreams.
So, there you have the big picture for the craft room.
I love building an inspiration board for a number of reasons:
- it motivates me to build my craft room fund to execute my ideas
- it helps drive my vision and, thus, drives my spending
- it's so much fun to research and pull things I want with a realistic goal in mind
- it makes me feel like a pro (all the HGTv stars have boards and sketches, duh.)
Do you have a space (or event or outfit) you're planning for?  I totally recommend building an inspiration board.  Don't know how?  I can't wait to share the tutorials for things like this in the near future. 
Be sure to come back for more :)

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