Saturday, June 14, 2014

Snapshot Saturday

Howdy, Islanders!

I'm coming to you live from GA!!!! Mom wanted to visit my Paw-Paw so off the girls went for some fun family time.

We've had a blast so far and are preparing for a big family brunch tomorrow; I know my Aunt T is going to throw down in the kitchen!

So far, we spent the day hitting up our fave "junkin' spots."

Gina's Junk:

I might plan a trip to the Junkfest in September... Who's game to roll with? O and check out Gina's century plant.  It's *like* the largest succulent I've ever seen!  Apparently, when it blooms, the entire plant dies.  One bloomed last year (that tall brown thing and the dead plant at its base is all that remains).

Up next we went to Joey's:

This spot had some fab finds, check out some below:

$80 mirror

$60 armchair.

If I lived closer, I would totally snatch up this door/ organizer.  It's so unique!

O and speaking of unique, this table:

... Is covered in coins!

Crazy, right?!

We visited Goodwill and then the Front Porch of the South:

I was focused on the craft room for this trip and I can't wait to share my unique and fabulous finds!!!!

Be back soon :)

O and that's my cute cousin, Jada.  She thinks she's avoiding my camera by tucking under a GLASS table, lol!

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