Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Importance of Feedback

Yesterday, I shared my fabulous craft room paint color.  What I didn't share was my experience at my local Sherwin Williams store so, in typical I-blog-and-share-everything-with-my-readers fashion, I'm going to tell you the importance of rating those notable shopping experiences.

First, let me say that I write notes, send letters and, well, I leave feedback.  By way of background, Zion's sixth birthday party was hosted at our local Michael's stores and I called about my quality service.  I also wrote a note on the website and I was told the employee was recognized, and even promoted, as a result.  To this day, almost two years later, he greets me by name when I walk in the store.  I am THAT customer... I mentioned that I entered the Sherwin-Williams store ready to go.

I was excited to finalize my color decision.... Yes, I broke the rules. I researched for the perfect shade of pink and used the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap tool to make a custom color palette using an inspiration image.  I found one on another site and Googled images of the paint color and pretty-much-basically became obsessed with that particular shade of pink.  I walked in the store and skimmed the selection of swatches in search of Impatiens Petal.  I found it and just as I grabbed up another color, a sales associate approached. 

"Hi, there.  Need any help finding anything?"

She was cute.  Curly hair braided into a side mermaid braid.  Young.  Sweet.  Cute.  I responded  that I was fine.  I would, however, be purchasing a gallon (or two) of paint but I needed more time to finalize the exact shade.  She nodded, "if you need anything, I'm Giorgi and I'll be happy to help."

At that moment, I just needed a moment to formally introduce myself to my craft room color.  I heard the angels hit some high notes and I knew it was love at first sight.  I didn't need a stinkin' sample.  I didn't need to put a few strokes on the wall in various locations to be sure it was perfect.  We met, it was love at first site, I was sold... 'nuff said.  I know, I broke my own rules about painting a room but I'll get to that in another post.  Bottomline, I was prepared for any consequences... Plus, I was the only customer in the store so my excited squeal and fist pumps went unnoticed.

I approached the counter and handed the color to Giorgi.  In the middle of her justification for why I needed to splurge on paint, the phone rang.  She kept talking until the second ring finished.

"I'm sorry.  I can't let it ring a third time." 

Just as the third ring started she answered the phone and proceeded to help an interior designer confirm her fax was received.  Scott, a chubby fella, slowly exited the office area to see what the phone call was about.  She spoke in paint code as he pulled a wireless phone (clipped to his pocket) up to his ear.

We continued the paint conversation and I bought the premier gallon... yes, Giorgi was good.  I was sold.

She asked if I needed painting supplies and I said I needed a paint roller and tray.  She recommended a $20 roller.  WHAT THE WHAT?  Now, she was tripping.  Ain't no way I'm paying $20 for a roller... then she started her talk about saving time and holding more paint and-- the phone rang.

She looked to the counter to see if Scott would answer, he didn't.  She excused herself and ran to the phone.  I picked up the overpriced roller and headed to the counter behind her.  Doggone Giorgi got me up in here spending UNNECESSARY amounts of money... but Imma do it because I'm just so excited to get 'er done!

She passes the call to Scott to answer a question and grins at my roller on that counter.  She picked up a tray and on her way back asked about brushes.  I grimaced, "Giorgi... Now, I like ya.  I really do.  But I shall NOT pay $20 for a little paint brush!  I mean, are they even worth it?!"

Of course she had a prepared response about professionals and what they buy and why they buy what they buy and then... THE PHONE RANG!

We both looked at the other computer where Scott, the fat son of a shut-your-mouth, sat.  He was unbothered.  Giorgi shrugged then picked up the phone.  She helped the customer with their question and hung up.  As soon as she hung up, I was fed up.

Me:  "REALLY?! REALLY, DUDE?!  Come on!  You SEE her helping me.  You can't answer the phone?!"

Scott:  "Yea..."  *stares blankly at me but past me*

Me: "Yea?  YEA?! Can't be serious..."

Scott: "Yea."

Me: "Giorgi, ring me up.  O and what's your store number?.. What's his name? ... Who is he to the store?... The manager?!"

I tried to pull up Google on my phone to call the customer service line. I wanted him to HEAR me talk about him.  Of course, I had no cell service.  THAT WAS ALL GOOD. I knew one site that ALWAYS works - Facebook.  I went to the Sherwin-Williams page and sounded off about my experience...  For all of their 288K likers to see:

Yes, they responded.  Yes, the Regional Manager called to personally apologize and to hear my side of the story.  Yes, I "randomly" received a survey to which I gladly responded (superior service for all of Giorgi's assistance).  In the comments section, I provided the details of the incident and gave kudos to the Regional Manager, Bob (who told me to keep his cell phone number and call if I have any questions or issues in the future). 

O and yes, I DID receive an email from Scott, the manager, apologizing and offering me a complimentary gallon of paint on him.  Kitchen update, anyone???

The moral of this drawn out story is that feedback is important.  It is valued by employees, managers and MAJOR corporations.  I am serious about providing feedback for stellar service and I will not hesitate to say something if I am left with a sour taste in my mouth!

*two snaps and a neck roll*

Have a sassy (when it makes sense) rest of the week!


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