Friday, June 6, 2014

Craft Room Decisions

Islanders! I am so stinkin' excited to share some major Mama news that I could fall out!

I know, you were probably expecting to further discuss the Minecraft party and yes, I've got lots to share but I want to share photos of the fun (remember I was the planner not coordinator for this event so I set-up and left).  These photos will come from my client... as in, I only have half the story (my half) and we'll need to wait on the images of fun (the other half).  We can deal, I'm sure. 
More importantly, I also want to share my big huge awesome news.

O, wait.  You probably read the post title, huh?

Duh, Tabitha.  Duh.

Ok, so.  This is major for me!!

I've finally settled on what to do with the craft room.

Yes, the above image is a pic of the floor (because you can actually see it for once) and the tub of wall art I've collected for and CAN'T use in Munch's big girl room.

For quite some time, the craft room has remained neglected. I've been struggling... to keep it clean... to keep it organized... to hide purchases from the man... to store unwanted items... I've decided the time has come to take my control back... to invest into a space for ME!

These shelves were an affordable solution in the town home:

They were perfect for the unfinished portion of our basement.  They easily stored my supplies in plain sight.  They kept [some] crap off the floor and they were cheap.  Did I mention they were cheap? Well, they were.

In my craft room, however, I've come to realize I don't need to have items I seldom use in plain sight at all times.  As a matter of fact, things I love get on my nerves when I see the ugly boxes and bins all the time.

I realized I was developing my craft room requirements by listing the things I didn't like:

STORAGE - out of sight unless used on a frequent basis. 

I don't need to see my cotton candy makers or the pie pop maker...or, as cute as they are, any of my cake pop makers (I have three... don't judge me).  I need to see my glue guns, my glue sticks, my scissors, etc.

COLORS - pretty, girly, inspiring and FABULOUS!

This was BY FAR the most difficult item to check off the room design check list.  I've mentioned before how this home became a "safe" space of grays and tans... those colors had taken over my life.  I became stuck in a rut of my fave neutral colors.  UGH! I searched the internet for inspiration and struggled with so many options.

Gray and turquoise - I feel that's taking over my house.

Gray and yellow - baby nursery anyone?

Gray and orange - pretty but... eh, maybe I just don't like orange that much...

Maybe the problem isn't the accent colors.  Maybe it's gray.  I can't even bring myself to type it.
GROWN-UP - I want a functioning space that balances my fun and crafty side with my business woman side.  My space must function and feel grown-up.

During a conversation with Munch, she mentioned how she liked blue and purple the best.  I was glad to hear but kinda shocked she didn't like pink.  Who doesn't like pink?!  It's like pizza.  Who doesn't like pizza?!  She calmed my nerves explained she did but not nearly as much as every other color.

Islanders, you mean, I won't ever get to decorate her room in all pink?  Nope.

Maybe pink... in the craft room?  Pink.  I mean, it's always been a fave of mine.  Maybe pink is the color I want on my walls.  Wait, it can't go on the walls.  That would be totally little girl-like.  Totally crazy in a grown-up space.  It would be...

Totally me.

Sure, I splurged on a few items (the large painting, the HomeGoods aqua lamp, a few garden-themed vases...) but that was me trying to be safe... not me trying to be me.
I'm a pink girl.  A tomboy who owns fabulous high heels.  A high energy, clumsy, goof ball...  I'm light-hearted.  I'm ABnormal.  I'm... shoot, I'm going to make my craft room PINK.
That's right.  I know what you're thinking and I promise this room is going to blow MY socks off!!  What?  O, you thought I'd say YOUR socks off.  See, I've learned some people won't get it.  Some won't like it.  This is MY room, remember?  I hope you'll be inspired to take a risk for your space and I even hope you can offer some encouragement to me for doing so.  It's most important, however, that I create a space I love.
PINK it is!
Stay tuned for so much more! 
Cheers for taking risks in the name of YOUR success and happiness :)


  1. I would really love to do something like this! I feel like taupes and tans and beiges have taken over my life as well. :/


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