Tuesday, June 10, 2014


It was a busy but awesome weekend. Friday, we celebrated Ms Judy's, the mom-in-law, birthday with a family night:

We watched a movie, enjoyed pizza and sipped good wine.  It was a nice chill evening.

Saturday, cousin Jayla arrived and joined us for a day of awesomeness!  With two little ones, we barely made Janice's real estate talk at our church's monthly community information exchange, called The Real Life Cafe.

You know Janice is one of my favorite people so, I wasn't going to NOT support her.  

After her informative session, we prepared for our monthly women's ministry fellowship, a Beauty-full day. There were massages:

Islanders, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of massages.  She was legit!

I enjoyed a makeup session. O and so did the girls:

Can you see Jayla's purple eyelids? That's makeup... like grown-ups wear :)

I tried out some Spark.

A few ladies tried the latest quick-slim treatment known as IT WORKS wraps.  My mom kept flashing me hers (which required her to lift her shirt).  Sometimes, we speak like no one else is around so I wasn't sure, when she excitedly held the shirt up, if she realized the room was packed. with other people.  Apparently, she did see the others but didn't care, lol.  She's hilarious.

With food and drinks, music and fun, this event was a blast!  I can't wait to see the before/after photos for each lady!  I used my beloved chalk board for the saying:

Yes, it's fabulous.  Yes, I love it.  No, I'm not ready to formally introduce you to it, lol.
Anyhoo, every woman held the chalkboard in their photo and I'm sure the photographer got some awesome shots!
After the event, we headed to one of our neighborhood's beaches for our annual community day.

The girls swam, ate hot dogs and terrorized the surfboard moonbounce:

We wiggled to live music, munched on snow cones and cartwheeled in the sand.  When we arrived home that evening, the girls giggled well into the night.

After church, the girls changed clothes and set-up for a picnic:

They ate until Jayla's parents came,  played on bikes and ran around like a pack of sillies... I am sure you can see in the photo they chose their own tacky play clothes.  The neighbors probably wonder about my child's choice of attire most days, lol.

All-in-all, we had a fun and busy weekend.  I am tired but ironically recharged for the week.  I guess, that's all that maters, right?  

Anyhoo, I've completed a few projects around the house and I've got some plans (the craft room color and inspiration board and MORE) to share!

See you tomorrow!

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