Thursday, June 12, 2014

Craft Room - The Plan.

Happy it's-almost-Friday, Islanders.

I know. I left you hanging all weekend with the news of my craft room. I know. You, like I, have been so excited to talk more about how this color thing would work because -- well, it's pink. A grown-up room shouldn't be pink.  I *totally* get it.

Trust me. I've thought this decision through long and hard.  First, I found my inspiration photo:

Yep.  That's it.  It's fun, whimsy and pink but, more importantly, it's black and white.

*exhales adoringly*

That's my inspiration photo.

I know, I could've searched Google for a pink craft room and shared a pretty room just so you could "get" it but, eh, why lie?  I want my room to be as fun as cotton candy yet anchored in a color combo as classic as black and white.

Hmm.  It's really French-like, right?  France is *totally* grown-up and romantic, right? 


See... you're already one step closer to being on board the PINK craft room train (choo-choo!!!).  I've decided to paint the walls pink and make everything else black and white with gold accents.  First, I found the perfect shade of pink.  Remember my Wordless Wednesday post from yesterday?  I shared my color choice:

We'll talk more about the pink soon enough... so, don't worry :)

From there, I built my inspiration board.  Check it out:

I get excited just SEEING the plan!  I'm moving full speed ahead on a very TIGHT budget:)

Stay tuned to learn more about the inspiration board and to see how I'm pulling this room together on a shoe string budget :)


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