Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Week of Big Announcements

Islanders, I've got so much to share that I contemplated NOT posting our weekly Maya Mondays inspiration this week.  I went to delete it and, when I read it, I -- I couldn’t.  It spoke to me but, more appropriately, it spoke to the topics for this week.

I’ve set personal goals and I’m making serious strides towards meeting them.  O and yep, I’m ready to share these updates with you, my beloved islanders.

Blogger Guest Speaking Event

I’ve mentioned several times that my church rocks.  Well, it totally does J  It’s jam-packed with a unique bunch of people from all races, cultures and backgrounds.  EVERYONE is awesome and has an amazing talent or story to share with the world.  Don't believe me?  You should totally come on by!  Seriously, if ever you’re in Stafford, VA, come visit Real Life Community Church at 11 Smokehouse Dr. Suite 103, Stafford, VA 22406.

One of the reasons my church rocks is because we have decided to link arms and, as a group, help.  We have a weekly ministry that provides food for more than 20 families.  Every week.  With no other requirement.  We have a fund to help the community.  Nope, not just OUR church members but anyone in need.  More than any other church in the area.  No, that last statement is not an assumption.  That's a fact.  OTHER churches send folks in need to our church for help. 

We host block parties in the neighboring communities to give the area youth an opportunity to run and to have fun and, well, to just be kids.  Free food, free moonbounces, free games, free prizes, free fun... 

NOT because we want to increase the church's numbers (although, that does happen), NOT because we want to beat people over the head about Christ (although, that is our only response when we're asked why we love so hard), NOT because we want to have a major write-up in the paper (although we have made quite the name for ourselves in the community)... we have this different approach to worship, service and faith because,

"In order to turn the world UPSIDE DOWN, we must turn the church INSIDE OUT!"

We're transforming our area simply by eliminating the pomp and circumstance that has become (get your rabbit ears ready for the quotes) "church."
We’re real people living a real life and finding real hope in a REAL Christ.  We fellowship hard and love harder.  I know what you're thinking and, sure, this could become a campaign for why my church family rocks but it totally isn’t.  I just have to set the stage so you know how honored I am to have been selected as a speaker at the Real Life Community Café!

Do you see my face on that flyer?  Well, that’s my face.  On. A. FLYER.  AHHHH! 

Yep.  I put it up there again.  Just so you can see my face. On a flyer.  My FACE!  ON. A. FLYER.

OK.  Enough about my face (but, seriously, did you see it *totally* on a flyer?!).  The Community Cafe is another one of my [awesome] church's means to meet the community.  Other sessions have included:

Fundraising 101: A guide of tried-and-true tips, methods and rules of engagement for non-profits (particularly, churches).

Interviewing: Free resume building, practice interviewing with a large contracting company executive and recruiters.  There were a number of people and resources present to help those in need of a job.

Real Estate 101: Reps from a local agency provided an informative step-by-step brief on how to purchase your home.  She discussed lending opportunities and surprised many of us with the services a real estate agent can provide.

This month, I've been asked to speak about blogging.

As if my face is not enough to entice you into coming, here are two reasons you don’t want to miss this discussion:

1.       I’m providing fundamental blogging information

Are you looking to start a blog but don’t know where to start?  Want to build your blog readership?  Want to learn how to file your blog as a business on your taxes?  All this and much more will be shared.  O and I’ve had a special request to share some tips on event planning so there will be that... with a time for questions.

2.       There will be giveaways!

I’m giving away $150 worth of event planning services AND a bundle of e-books to help get your blog well on its way to success!

I am so excited for this opportunity and I can’t wait to meet new people! I hope you can make it J


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